Why do we usage "Le tengo" instead of "yo tengo" or "tengo"? Moreover, why are we making use of "al" instead of "de" for "of"?



For the an initial question, it"s not compulsory at every to usage "Le tengo" rather of "tengo" or "Yo tengo". It"s a issue of selection on the speaker. That is true 보다 in barisalcity.org the subject is commonly omitted, however it"s no compulsory to do so. Ns think this answers the an initial part of your question.

As le is a pronoun introduce to miedo al fracaso, Le tengo rather of tengo doesn"t include any extra meaning to the sentence, and also in reality that le is reiterative and redundant.

On the second part, al is the contracted type of a el. This one is yet compulsory to use, other than in the case of personal names (such as Sara, yet including brands that use the word El in their name, because that example). This way, a el fracaso is contract to al fracaso.

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While we could say both have almost the same meaning, there"s a subtle difference for me to usage one or another.

Tengo miedo al fracaso.

This communicates your fear of fail in general terms.

Le tengo miedo al fracaso.

This additionally express your are afraid of failure, yet emphasizes failure together something details to be afraid of, so the the other human being understands that is not simply one much more fear, yet a are afraid of substantial magnitude.

As for making use of al. That is a component of the verb tener miedo a. And also like the other contributor currently said, al is a contraction of a el (fracaso).

I hope ns made myself clear.


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