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‘Some that the others managed to take up arms and a fight began in between those who only hours previously had to be allies.’‘Pointing to among our articles, that said, ‘Young people are acquisition up arms and also going to fight because you create this type of stuff.’’‘To many Britons, including federal government politicians, they space traitors, ready to take up arms to hit the equipped forces the the country they thrived up in.’‘‘Some world say they would be happy to take up arms and fight,’ one envoy said.’‘I took up arms and fought the corrupt military and government.’‘Many aided the Rangers, providing carts and food, and often taking up eight to join in the fight versus the Japanese.’‘As she observed, ‘the function of detention is come prevent recorded individuals from return to the field of battle and also taking up arms as soon as again.’’‘What it means is that we execute not take up eight to attack others.’‘The government approximates some 1 million Liberians have been displaced through the war, which started in 1999 as soon as rebels took up arms versus Taylor.’‘Walsh added that it to be an affront to every those that took increase arms during the battle of Independence and died in the hit to eliminate the British indigenous this country.’‘Only socialism has the power to hold together the American human being who despise war and also oppression and who very first took up arms in the struggle for freedom and also equality over two centuries ago.’‘The Conventions likewise establish the criteria that have to be met in order come qualify as a lawful combatant acquisition up arms for the state.’‘Rebels take it up arms versus Taylor in 1999, however, battling their way to the capital in June and also forcing the cornered president right into exile in Nigeria 2 months later.’‘Their residents fled after similar attacks, follow to rebels in the an ar who took up arms against the federal government last year.’‘He take it up arms through the Earl of Mar, however after the battle of Sheriffmuir the was forced to flee the country.’