Costa Rica is one of the leading destinations for world who are looking for somewhere fun and also exciting to travel. There room a number of things to see and also do here. If you room planning ~ above heading right here for your next vacation, here are a couple of Costa Rican slang terms the you’ll desire to understand to right in through the locals!


Costa Ricans speak Spanish yet the use of slang language is common amongst the regional residents and by finding out it you will have an easy and relaxing vacation. Costa Rica slang is additionally totally various from various other Spanish speaking countries!


Learning, understanding and speaking numerous words of Costa Rican Spanish generates a positive and also friendly reaction native the local residents. Together a foreigner, Costa Rican slang will not only enable you to communicate easily yet will also assist you understand what unit volume Costa Ricans are saying. Below are some of the most usual slang terms that are specifically provided in Costa Rica despite it is feasible to hear few of these slang terms in other countries.

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First, Ticos and also Ticas are terms the the Costa Ricans usage to refer to themselves v Tico representing a Costa Rican man and also Tica to refer to a Costa Rican woman. Tico is a Costa Rican term because that diminutive created with the suffix ‘itico’. Interestingly, friend will additionally find out that this slang language is really easy to learn and also speak. Listed below are few of the usual tico slang terms supplied by the bulk of Costa Ricans and also they include:



This is another Costa Rican Spanish term that you will commonly hear in the roads or industry places and it is offered to describe ‘dude’ or ‘guy.’ Mae is typically common among men but is also used sometimes to describe women. The is yet used mostly by young men, and if girlfriend pass beside a group of young men, you will certainly rarely miss out on the word ‘Mae’ in your conversation.


Pura Vida means pure life literally and also is the mantra that every Tico. Although it has been interpreted to mean this is living, actual living, full of life and also going an excellent as well. You can hear the phrase being offered in greetings and also farewells. The is regularly a authorize that things space going great or a means to give appreciation.

In regular conversations, it can be supplied as:


‘How space you doing?’ ‘ Pura vida’

‘ I’ll serve you right away’ ‘Pura vida’

As a tourist, this is probably one that the most essential Costa Rica sayings that you are familiar with. That is likewise common to uncover businesses beginning with the word Pura Vida.

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A term claimed by Ticos once something is really good. To define something like a beautiful sunset or a good wave they just captured while surfing.


THE above COSTA RICAN unit volume OR “TICO SLANG” room WIDELY — offered THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY and also IS good TO know FOR ANYONE who WISHES TO take A holidays IN COSTA RICA! PURA VIDA!