: being stir-fried or occasionally deep-fried and also served in a spicy warm sauce usually v peanuts kung pao chicken

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Recent instances on the web The restaurant offered scallion pancakes, sweet and sour pork ribs and kung pao chicken the end of a revitalized 1920s era home. — sarah Blaskovich, Dallas News, 24 Aug. 2021 menu items include lettuce wraps, kung pao Brussels sprouts, Mongolian beef, sweet and also sour chicken, lo mein and the like. — buy it Blaskovich, Dallas News, 28 June 2021 over there are also Chinese classics, favor kung pao chicken (sadly there is no of peanuts) and also beef with broccoli, yet Japanese is the strength. — BostonGlobe.com, 27 Apr. 2021 The victim were reasonably defenseless civilization minding their very own business, quite than ninja warriors, kung-fu masters, delivery boys through really spicy kung pao chicken, nuclear scientists, or every little thing stereotype one may have around Asian Americans. — Bruce Y. Lee, Forbes, 21 Mar. 2021 Both at some point trickled out right into the more comprehensive American subconscious and took root, v Thai risottos, farm-to-table kung pao chicken and also restaurants prefer Lou’s Takeaway as its fruit. — Soleil Ho, San Francisco Chronicle, 4 Feb. 2021 ~ above the very first menu: kung pao, beer cheese, salt and also vinegar, to apologize butter BBQ and also Thanksgiving (stuffing summer sprouts rub v a next of gravy). — Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune, 9 Dec. 2020 and if no fried chicken, climate go through a spicy kung pao iteration served with many of warm rice. — Los Angeles Times, 27 Dec. 2020 The kung pao versions room the optimal seller for a reason. — Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune, 4 Dec. 2020

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History and also Etymology because that kung pao

obtained from Chinese (Beijing) gōng bǎo "palace guardian" in the surname of together dishes (as gōng bǎo jī dīng "kung pao diced chicken")

Note: The dish allegedly received its name since it was frequently served come Dīng Bǎozhēn (1820-86), a Qing (Ching) dynasty offical who offered as the branch of Sichuan district (1876-86); his unofficial title was gōng bǎo.