If you discover one Italian word pertained to time today, make sure it is ora (feminine, plural: ore)!

IPA: /ˈo.ra/

One the the most common translations that this indigenous is hour, as in the time unit of 60 minutes measured by the clock.

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Questa lezione d’Italiano dura quasi un’ora.

This Italian lesson lasts nearly an hour.

A half an hour is una mezz’ora and also a quarter of one hour is un quarto d’ora.

La biblioteca chiude tra un’ora. = The library close the door in one hour.

An equally typical translation however is time, offered when the is time to carry out something or for something come happen.

È già ora di tornare a casa?

Is it already time to walk home?

It additionally appears in the expressions Che ora è? (Lit: What hour is it?) and Che ore sono? (lit: What hrs are they?), both of which median What time is it?

Che ora è? / Che ore sono?

What time is it?

A last translation is now or nowadays. Even if it is you use ora or its synonym adesso is largely a question of personal preference.

Ora devo cominciare a preparare la cena.

Now I need to start make dinner.

Are you emotion excited about an upcoming holiday? Or perhaps your best friend is coming to visit from far away? If so, you can use the really common expression Non vedo l’ora! which is the indistinguishable of the English expression I can’t wait! or I’m looking forward to…! literally translated, it way I don’t see the hour.

Non vedo l’ora che arrivi l’estate!

I can’t wait for summer!

Che ora è? – not like that le quattro e un quarto. = What time is it? – It’s quarter previous four.

Now that we’ve extended the various possible meanings for ora, let’s take it a look in ~ a few expressions the you may find valuable when talking around the time in Italian.

A che ora…? = At what time…?Per ora = For nowD’ora in poi = From currently onOra o mai più = Now or neverEra ora! = It’s about time!Fin’ora = Up till nowOra come no mai = Now more than everOra come ora = Right nowFare le ore piccole = to remain up until lateNotizie dell’ultim’ora = latest news

Ora likewise forms the communication of two crucial adverbs in Italian: allora (at the time, so, then) and also or(a)mai (at this point, by now, already). The former comes from the Latin ad illam horam meaning a quell’ora vice versa, the last is the union of ora and mai (never/ever).

Allora cosa facciamo stasera?

So what candlestick we do tonight?

Ormai è inutiletornare indietro.

At this suggest it’s useless to rotate back.

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