Vou ficar na minha = ns will keep to myself

In life, we’ve all had moments as soon as we wanted to keep to ourselves, in the feeling of remaining away from other people. The course, the secondary meaning would be to save something a an enig (ex, “keep that to yourself!”), however I’ll emphasis on the first an interpretation today. So, how does one obtain this message across in Brazilian Portuguese? Ficar na minha is the general means you’d to speak it, despite it’d have to be suited to the human being talking or gift talked about.

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Let’s try the adhering to phrase:

Today ns am walking to store to myself.

In Brazil, you’d say:

Hoje eu vou ficar na minha.

So you have the right to see just how it transforms depending on who talking. If friend are talking about someone else, you have the right to use “ficar na sua/dele/dela”.

For example: João called you the he did not want to go the end tonight; he wanted to keep to himself. Later, ~ above the phone with Milena, you deserve to say:

João não vai com a gente. Ele disse que quer ficar na dele hoje.

= João is no coming united state us. He said that he wants to keep to himself today.

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This phrase “ficar na minha” no the complete thought, yet don’t worry, no one says the rest. The Aulete dictionary describes what ns mean additional under their definition for “Minha”:

Popular use: Minha posição, opinião; meu lugar (My position, opinion; mine place)

Vou ficar na minha = ns won’t acquire involved

Let’s look at a second meaning and a straight translation:

Hoje eu vou ficar aqui na minha = Hoje eu não vou me envolver nisso (em alguma coisa) = Hoje eu vou ficar de fora = Hoje eu não me envolverei com a opinião, teoria etc. De ninguém.

Today i’m going to store to myself = today I’m not going to involve myself in that (in something) = today I’m walk to remain out of it = this day I will certainly not involve myself in anyone else’s opinion, theory, etc.

Here is an example: You are having actually dinner through your girlfriend Ana and João as soon as they acquire into an argument. You consider saying something, however then girlfriend decide the it will certainly be much better to not obtain involved. Girlfriend think come yourself:

É melhor eu ficar na minha. = I much better not acquire involved.

Later you tell your friend Milena:

Eu fiquei na minha. = i did not obtain involved.

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So, over there you go! through this Portuguese class you have a new method to to express yourself normally in Portuguese.