I can be a bit biased, however I think Arabic is one of the most underrated languages. That is the nationwide language the 27 countries and 420 million people. That is also the liturgical language of 1.6 billion Muslims, however my Arabic class in the States had actually 10 people.

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I think an ext people should find out Arabic, for this reason I have actually a list of 10 straightforward words and also phrases that you should understand in Arabic. Please keep in mind that these space all in contemporary Standard Arabic. Over there are many dialects consisting of Egyptian Arabic that differ slightly.

1. سلام عليكم express "As-salmu alaykum". This literally method "peace top top you" and also it is a universal greeting. You have the right to say it to anyone, anywhere, in ~ anytime the day. The solution to this is "wa-alaikum-salam" i m sorry literally way "and upon friend peace".
2. كيف حالك؟ pronounced "kaif halak" because that a young or "kaif halek" for a girl". This literally method "how"s the news?" yet it is used to speak "how space you?" over there are plenty of responses because that this. You can say "Ana bekher" i beg your pardon plainly means "I"m good". Friend can likewise say "elhamduallah" which way "thanks be to God". You have the right to say both or one or the other. Whatever floats your boat.
3. مع السلامة express "ma el-salama". Precise translated, it way "with peace". However, the is offered to to speak bye. The solution would be "ma el-salama".
4. ان شاء الله pronounce "inshallah". This basically way "by God"s will". Arabs usage this all the time. "I will certainly go to the cinema tomorrow, inshallah." "I will certainly pass the test, inshallah." The text massage abbreviation is "isA".
5. من فضلك pronounce "men fadlak" if you talk to a boy or "men fadlek" of you talk to a girl. This literally method "from her favor" but it"s used to speak "please".

(The letter و is dubbed "wow". That is the equivilent the "w" and also "o/oo/u" in English. The joke is "when I witnessed you ns was like wow".)
6. شكرًا pronounce "shokran". This means "thank you". You usage it to show gratitude come someone for something lock did for you.
7. ما اسمك؟ pronounce "ma ismak" because that a boy or "ma ismek" for a girl. This way "what"s your name?" the is supplied when girlfriend don"t understand someone"s name.
8. (انا اسمي... (كوري express "Ana ismy... (Corie)". Have the right to you guess: v what that means? Right!/Wrong! It method "my surname is... (Corie)". That is offered to present yourself in any given situation.
9. كل عام و انت/انتم بخير pronounced "kol to be wa enta (boy)/enty (girl)/entom (multiple people) bekher". This way "every year and also you be good". This is claimed on any special occasion. Birthday? Kol to be wa enta bekher! Mother"s Day? Kol am wa enty bekher. Wedding? Kol to be wa entom bekher. As soon as someone claims this come you, the solution is "wa enta bekher" as soon as responding to a boy or "wa enty bekher" when responding come a girl.

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That"s it! ns hope girlfriend guys delighted in this post and also maybe you"ll take up Arabic... Or not. Permit me know if you"d like an additional post favor this since I do know an ext Arabic words and also phrases. Likewise let me understand if girlfriend learned something or if the was simply confusing.
I to be featured on the AFS-USA blog. You can see the write-up here: http://www.afsusa.org/afs-blog/study-abroad/article/?article_id=7798
The backgrounds in the pictures are mine. The an initial is the sunset I witnessed on the means to the pyramids once. And also the various other is the Red Sea in El Sokhna. :)
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Congratulations on being featured top top the AFS blog. You room doing such a good job the documenting your experiences in Egypt. We definitely look front to reading about your exploits. Continue to have actually fun and also learn. Uncle Peter