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‘Roger Bontemps teaches physics and Denis Goeringer teaches biology, both in ~ an Amiens lycée (secondary school).’

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‘French lycées and British public schools enabled some scope because that a common an additional education, and also marriage barriers were much less in evidence.’‘Legislation to create the lycée, or second school, was passed in 1802, and also forty-five of them to be founded throughout the empire.’‘Some 20 pupils and also a couple of student supervisors met, representing the majority of the Amiens lycées and also the lycée that Albert, a town some 20 kilometres indigenous Amiens.’‘In French lycées and colleges non-classical ‘special’ education and learning was upgraded come ‘modern’ education in 1891.’‘In Amiens, the WSWS interviewed 3 young English teachers from one Amiens lycée - Véronique, Juliette and also Frédérique - who had actually been top top strike because that a month.’‘At the École Durkheim studied chiefly background and philosophy, and after graduation he got a position as a philosophy teacher in a lycée.’‘One sister had actually been education at the French lycée, the other at British and also American schools.’‘However, he went back to teaching in lycées and also did not look for a university write-up at this time.’‘He insisted, in 1869, on leave the Catholic college which he to be attending and studying rather at a lycée.’‘At the lycée Robert de Luzarches, with about 100 teachers, just two turned as much as work.’‘He spent the year 1862-3 in London; thereafter he taught English in various lycées, greatly in Paris.’‘In 1823, in ~ the period of 12, Galois was sent to college for the very first time, entering the lycée that the Louis-le-Grand in Paris.’‘Poor exam results meant the he was sent out to technical school instead of the more academic lycée.’‘At Toulouse the examinations at four lycées did no take place.’‘He attend the lycée at Marseilles, then satellite the enntrance gate examination for the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.’‘Peeping within the courtyard of the lycée ns spy… a basketball court.’‘At 15, Tocqueville add his dad to Metz, wherein he gone into the lycée and a broader social world than his limited family circle.’‘The central spaces at every level jointly act as the heart of the lycée.’