What does LF median on a Whirlpool Washer? The LF error code appears and also the Whirlpool washer will not fill through water. What causes a Whirlpool washer error code LF? The LF error password will display on Whirlpool washers as soon as a WATER supply ISSUE is detected. (TIP: If you have a Whirlpool washer showing the LF error, make certain the water is rotate on come the washer.)


Whirlpool Washer Error password LF – LF Flashing on display screen = long FILL

Whirlpool washer flashing the LF error password on the display. The washing device will no fill with water. Check the water it is provided valves, water inlet mesh filters, water inlet valve, press switch, and also hoses because that clogs/kinks.

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Whirlpool washer error code LF indicates a LONG FILLNO WATER IS DETECTED entering the washing machine. The error code LF relates to WATER flow ISSUES. This way a trouble occurs because WATER IS NOT appropriately SUPPLIED to the washer. This code might be clearing by doing the following…


1. Inspect the WATER it is provided VALVES top top the wall to be certain the VALVES ARE fully OPEN and water is provided to the washer.(Be certain HOT and also COLD water valves are open and supplying water)

2. The WATER supply HOSES may BE CLOGGED from difficult water – remove water hoses and check for clogs.(Safely shut off the water supply and also disconnect the water inlet hoses native the washer and the wall)

3. Check the the water supply hoses execute not get kinked when you on slide the washer ago into place.(A kinked or bending washer water supply hose will prevent or reason partial water entering washer)

4. Water supply hoses linked near the wall surface and washer water inlet valve have WATER INLET MESH FILTERS. This filters filter out international objects in the water and also may have sediment buildup. If sediment is clogging the filters, they have to be cleaned.(Safely remove the water hoses on the back of the washer and also check the filters – Clean and or replace water inlet filters when essential – watch below…)



How to Clean Mesh filters On A Washing Machine

5. If water is start the washing machine but not detected, the WATER LEVEL press SWITCH may be faulty or clogged.(The water level press switch can be clogged with hard water and cause the error code LF – Clean or replace switch)

6. Check the WATER INLET VALVE top top the washer – If faulty you will should remove and also replace.(The WATER INLET VALVE deserve to be checked visually because that clogs and also with a multimeter to check out if the component is at fault)



1. Check the drain SYSTEM because that SIPHONING issue.(Drain hose may be positioned incorrectly, because of this creating a water siphoning problem)

2. If in cold weather, check WATER supply HOSES for FREEZING.(If in excessive weather, the water can freeze i beg your pardon is a bigger difficulty in itself)


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 Check the main WATER it is provided to your residence to be certain it is fully OPEN.(The main water supply valve located outside of your residence may be partly open, check to check out if the valve is fully open)

Washer not Filling with Water – What To check & just how to Fix


NOTE: This LF error code clearing technique will job-related with Whirlpool and most Maytag and Kenmore washing machines. The very same LF error code wake up on both top and also front load washers. Few of the contents in the washers might differ slightly however the error code clearing an approach is the same.


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