What go Kira mean?


as a girls" surname is express KEER-ah. The is of Greek origin, and also the meaning of Kira is "lord". Different of Kyra. Made familiar by the character major Kira on the TV series "Star Trek: Deep space Nine".STARTS/ENDS v Ki-, -ra

ASSOCIATED v greek, star, deep (black)


VARIANTS Keera, Kiera▼, Kierra▼, Kiria, Kiriah, Kiriana, Kirya, Kirra▼

RELATIONS VIA KYRA Kaira, Keira▼, Kyrah, Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrra

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) middle NAME PAIRINGSKira Melanie (K.M.), ..

How popular is Kira?

Kira is a very prominent first name for females (#1165 the end of 4276, height 27%) and also a really prominent last surname for all people (#73412 out of 150436, top 49%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Kira was an initial listed in 1960-1969 and also reached its highest position that #241 in the U.S. In 2005, and also is in ~ #378 presently. (TOP baby NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Keira (#365 critical YEAR), Kyra (#612), Kiera (#851), Kaira (#1429), Kyrie (#1438), Kierra, Kirra and Kyrah are the famous variation creates of Kira (#378). Adoption of these connections of Kira was prevalent in 2006 (ADOPTION that 0.42%) and is now substantially lower (ADOPTION 0.17%, 60% LESS), with develops such together Keira ending up being somewhat dated.

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Similar Names

Kira is pronounced an in similar way to Caera, Cara▼, Carah, Cari▼, Cary▼, Chiara, Cori, Cory▼, Karah, Karie▼, Karra, Karri▼, Karry, Kary, Kera, Keri▼, Kerra, Kiara▼, Kiarra▼, Kora▲, Koree, Kori▲, Korri, Korry and also Kory. Other said similar-sounding names space Abra, Adira, Adra, Amira▲, Bara, Ceira, Cira, Edra, Eidra, Eigra, Eira, Idra, Kaia▲, Karas, Karma, Keila, Kia▼, Kiba, Kim▼, Kimy, Kina, Kine, Kitra, Kiva, Klara, Kliara, Kore, Kyla, Lara, Lira, Maira▼, Mara▲, Meira, Mira▲, Mitra, Moira, Myra, Nera, Nira, Ofra, Pera, Piera, Sara▼, Shira, Siara, Siera, Tara▼, Tora, Uira and Vera▼. This names often tend to it is in less generally used than Kira.