What does the name Jessica mean?

The meaning of the surname “Jessica” is: “Wealthy; Foresight, God Beholds”.

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Additional information: Jessica, a feminine name, was first coined through Shakespeare in The merchant of Venice, and also he most most likely took the from the Hebrew name Iscah, i beg your pardon would have been written as ‘Iesca’ in Shakespeare’s day. The definition of Iscah is ‘to behold’ or ‘foresight’. Jessica is also the feminine type of Jesse, Jesca, a name discovered in the Bible, together the surname of Haran"s daughter. This names are acquired from the Hebrew "yīshai", an interpretation "gift". Another explanation that the name is that it"s another kind of Jessie, or a pet type of Janet and also Jean. Common nicknames and also diminutives for Jessica space Jess, Jessie, and also Jessa, and the many used alternate spelling is Jessika. Jessika is likewise the German order of the name; other foreign variants room Gessica (Italian), Iekika (Hawaiian), and Yessica (Spanish). Jessica is frequently misspelled together ‘Jesica’, ‘Jesscia’, and also ‘Jessicca’.Jessica to be most renowned in the USA indigenous the late seventies until the late nineties, whereby it never fell out of the height ten feminine names and also was the most popular name for girls in between 1985 and also 1990, and also again in between 1993 and 1995. The name additionally entered the peak 1000 name for boys in the USA during the very same time frame. Jessica’s popularity has actually fallen sharply because the start of the 21st century – it has actually not been a famous masculine name because 1991, and also it was the 179th most famous name for girls in the USA in 2014. However, Jessica is still a really popular girls surname in England and also Wales, remaining in the height ten names since 1996, and also sitting at 6th in 2013.Famous civilization with the surname Jessica include Jessica Ennis (British Olympic athlete), Jessica Simpson (American musician and also actress), Jessica Alba (American actress), and Jessica Biel (American actress). Well known fictional personalities named Jessica incorporate Jessica rabbit from the Roger Rabbit franchise, Jessica Sanders indigenous Heroes, and also the beginning of the name, the daughter of Shylock indigenous Shakespeare’s The seller of Venice.There is an urban legend that, in the movie Who Framed roger Rabbit, the animators contained a couple of frames of Jessica Rabbit not wearing underwear. The frames in inquiry are, many likely, an incident of forget to colour in the underwear and instead leaving that the colour of her skin, but this legend persists as the animators providing tongue in cheek Easter eggs for eager eyed viewers – together the frames must be viewed frame by framework to catch it, this appears unlikely.
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Pronunciation: (JESS ih kah)Form of: itself (Jessica)Celebrity name & well known real-life people:Jessica Capshaw, American actress, ideal known for her duty as Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Dr. Arizona Robbins top top the ABC medical drama Grey"s AnatomyJessica Lange, actressJessica Alba, actressJessica Biel, actressJessica Simpson, singerJessica Tandy, actressJessica Rabbit, man characterJessica Hart, Australian Model.

Considering Jessica together a infant Name?

The an initial thing girlfriend should understand if you room considering Jessica for your baby"s surname is the in most nations all end the civilization the surname Jessica is a girl name.

The name Jessica is that Hebrew, literature origins, which method it has an ext than one root, and is used largely in English speaking nations but likewise in a few other countries and also languages that the world.

If you take into consideration naming your baby Jessica we recommend girlfriend take keep in mind of the special an interpretation and history of the name as your baby’s name will certainly play a big role in that life and also your baby will hear it spoken every day. Searching for a name is a very important and fun procedure as it’s the very very first gift friend will provide to your baby. Numerous people think that the surname can affect success in life, v their children"s functioning career and also other circumstances, so they choose much more “respectable” surname or name definitions as they think that the name an interpretation reflects the personality the the child.

Jessica surname Meaning

The definition of Jessica is “Wealthy; Foresight, God Beholds”. Save in mind that countless names may have different meanings in various other countries and languages, for this reason be mindful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. Find comprehensively and also find the name an interpretation of Jessica and also its name beginning or of any other surname in ours database. Likewise note the spelling and also the together of the surname Jessica and check the initials that the name through your last name to find how the looks and sounds. The background and meaning of the name Jessica is fascinating, learn more about it. (If you know much more meanings the the name and you would like to add click right here to submit an additional name meaning).
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Name Jessica Categories

The surname Jessica is in the adhering to categories: American Names, Australian Names, Celebrity Names, standard Names, English Names, Literary personalities Names, Movie Star Names, brand-new Zealand Names, popular Names, Shakespeare Names, Twilight Names. (If friend would like to suggest one or an ext categories because that the name, click here). We have actually plenty of different baby name categories to find for special definitions plus popular and also unique names, search our database before choosing but also note that baby name categories draft to assist you and not to it is in an influential aspect when choosing a name. Instead, we recommend that you pay a better attention come the origin and definition of the surname Jessica. Review our infant name write-ups for helpful tips concerning baby names and also naming her baby. If you are thinking of giving your infant the beautiful surname Jessica, spread out the love and share this through your friends.

Popularity that the name Jessica

Below girlfriend will find the popularity of the baby surname Jessica presented annually, native 1880 come the present day in our surname popularity chart. Float over or click on the dots that stand for a year to view how plenty of babies were given the name for the year, for both genders, if available.

Jessica boy Name popularity Chart

Note: The data over is indigenous the Social protection Administrator of joined States, (more details here) from Social security card applications for births in united state for every name, native 1880 approximately the present year. The gender connected with the name could be incorrect, together the data gift the record applications without being edited because that errors. The name"s popularity and ranking is announced annually, therefore the data because that this year will not be available until next year. The an ext babies the are provided a name, the higher popularity ranking the surname receives. Because that names v the very same popularity, the tie is resolved by assigning popularity rank in alphabet order. This means that if two or much more names have the same popularity their rankings might differ significantly, as they are collection in alphabet order. If a name has actually less than 5 occurrences, the SSA excludes the from the detailed data to safeguard privacy.

Songs and Videos about the name Jessica:

Songs about the surname Jessica include Regina Spektor’s Jessica, Jessica by Meredith Brooks, and Jessica by significant Lazer (featuring Ezra Koenig).

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