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Do you think a man could like you?

But you can’t tell since you think that he is hiding his feelings?

It’s tricky to understand what a guy is really feeling, specifically when some men are so great at hiding their emotions.

I’m a man and also I have the right to tell you this v absolute certainty:

Growing up most males are teach to hide your true feelings together they might be construed as a sign of weakness.

And as time go on we gain even more skilled in ~ it.

The good news?

Behavior doesn’t lie, and there are plenty of indications to look for to figure out if a man is hiding his feelings.

Look, I’m Lachlan Brown, the founder of the Hack Spirit, and also I’ve spent countless hours researching the scientific research of attraction and also human psychology.

And in this article, not only will I aid you crack the situation of whether a guy likes friend or not, however I’ll likewise explain to you how you deserve to tell if the is hiding his feelings as well.

We have actually a lot come cover for this reason let’s acquire started.

1) the remembers every tiny thing you say

When you’re in a conversation, does the remember even banal information you’ve randomly pointed out before?

For example, friend told him the you have your sister’s date of birth party to attend last weekend.

You didn’t suppose him to remember, however it’s the an initial thing that asks you about when you watch him?

It’s a plan question, and also men only setup a subject of conversation when they’ve invested time thinking about it.

This is a an excellent sign that he likes you and he’s thinking around you. He desires to remain connected and develop rapport.

Most world wouldn’t execute this, permit alone guys, so check out it together a sign that he has actually genuine feelings for you.

He might be hiding his feelings, yet if that is listening to what you’re actually saying and also he is asking you genuine and also thoughtful questions, it’s noticeable that you’ve been running laps in his mind.

2) What is his body doing?


While he might be adept at hiding his feelings, he i will not ~ be as good at hiding his body language.


Because body language is miscellaneous that we don’t consciously think about it. It wake up naturally depending upon how we’re feeling.

What we execute with our body is something we can’t control and it discover a lot about how we truly feel.

So what human body language indications should girlfriend look because that to number out if the likes you?

Here space 10 clear body language indicators that a male likes you.

1. Eyebrow Raise: If a man cocks his eyebrows in ~ you, it means you intrigue him. It’s a standard male human body language sign of attraction.

2. Parting Lips: he is imagining himself relocating in for the kiss. Plus, it makes him look an ext “open” come you, for this reason he can appear an ext approachable.

3. Flaring Nostril: This is a primal instinct that has actually hung about since the rock age – as soon as men get excited their nostrils flare.

4. Spread Legs: Men have actually a funny way of mirroring women the they space interested in them; because that example, guys will sit across from you with their legs spread wide open together if to show you your crotch. Weird, however true.

5. Hands-on Hips: strength posing is a thing males do all the moment subconsciously. Choose standing tall, they desire to make certain you view the finest side that them.

6. Playing v His Clothes: If he’s nervous due to the fact that he likes you, he’ll fix his shirts over and also over again, and also he can even button and also unbutton his coat to try to release part nervous energy.

7. Emotional his face: When guys are excited their faces because more tingly and also he’ll begin to touch his face and also lips in a subconscious way. This could also indicate that he’s worried (perhaps due to the fact that he likes you) or he’s interested in you as touching one’s face is a masculine body language sign of attraction.

8. Fiddle with his Glass: much more nervous power trying to make its method out the the body, males will play v anything approximately them to let the power out: glass, bottle, watch, keys.

9. Leaning In: This is an noticeable body language of guys in love sign. Hell sit ~ above the sheet of his seat while he speak to you and he’ll skinny in to let you recognize that friend are exciting to him. Nothing be weirded out by this; he is genuinely interested in listening to you.

10. Emotional Your Back: If girlfriend walk close to each other, he’ll place his hand close to the little of your ago to overview you v a loud party or bar. Plus, he wants to present all the other men that he’s acquired this. Plus, that a reason to touch you and seem like a gentleman all at the same time.

3) he feels choose a hero around you

Even if that is not expressing his true feelings, does he try to step up to the plate and save the work whenever you require something?

The chances are the he likes you a lot of if he naturally tries to protect you.

How deserve to you tell?

Well, does put his human body on the side of the traffic when you’re cross the road? does he open the door for you? does he save a watchful eye ~ above you as soon as you’re talk to a stranger?

These are an excellent signs the he likes you.

You see, there’s a fascinating brand-new concept in connection psychology doing the rounds which case that men are much more likely to autumn in love v women that make lock feel prefer a hero.

It’s called the hero instinct.

The straightforward truth is that men have a biological urge to carry out for and protect women. It’s hardwired in them.

And the kicker?

A guy won’t loss for a woman as soon as this thirst no satisfied.

I recognize it sounds sort of silly. In this day and also age, ladies don’t need someone come rescue them. They don’t require a ‘hero’ in your lives.

But this is the ironic truth. Guys do still need to be a hero. Since it’s developed into your DNA to look for out relationship that permit them to feel favor a protector.

The hero instinct is a legitimate concept in connection psychology that ns personally believe has a lot of of fact to it.

And yes sir an art to do a man feel choose a hero.

There space phrases you deserve to say, messages you can send, and tiny requests you deserve to use to cause his hero instinct.

To learn more about these emotional create points, inspect out this cost-free online video by James Bauer. The is one experienced partnership psychologist who first introduced the hero instinct concept.

Some principles really are life-changing. And for brand-new relationships, this is one of them.

Here’s a link to the video clip again.

4) Is he exhilaration weird?

While men can be quite good at hiding your feelings, it doesn’t average it’s easy.

And it usually method that their habits isn’t going to be specifically “normal”.

If that likes you but is trying hard not to present it, climate there’s no getting roughly it:

Here’s going come act weird. He could stumble over his indigenous or try to present off in front of you.

Weirdness commonly comes the end in regards to nervous energy.

Perhaps he’ll sweat a small more, or even take deep breathes.

It can additionally play the end in terms of banter and jokes.

If they’re constantly informing you joke or teasing you, climate he’s more than likely interested. Don’t permit his weirdness odor you or revolve you off.

Just keep playing that cool and also keeping the low-key. When he settles down and also realizes the you are right into him, he’ll relax and also begin to display his true feelings.

5) If a guy can’t protect against wanting to obtain to recognize you, he is probably into you


If a male is nervous because he likes you, then he is walk to struggle to talk around himself. He’ll struggle to gain the words out due to the fact that he’s afraid that it can make him look bad.

The systems to this?


Questions display he is curious and interested. He desires to learn around you. He desires to know what renders you tick.

If that is actively listening, and asking follow-up questions after her answer, it is a good sign.

Not just he is a good listener, however his fist is concentrated on you, rather than himself.

In fact, research has uncovered that men communicate their attraction through focused attention and also listening.

We all know that males aren’t the finest conversationalists, therefore if he is desperate to keep the conversation walking by asking you every concern under the sun, you deserve to bet your bottom disagreement he’s right into you.

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6) He provides time because that you

The fact is, a guy that isn’t interested in a woman won’t make time for them.


Because in our limited life-span ~ above Earth, time is the most precious resource we have, and where we choose to spend it says a lot about how we truly feel.

So if he renders time because that you, plans fun dates, and also wants come be close to you, then it’s clear the he’s interested in you and wants to store seeing girlfriend – even if he no expressing it.

And it’s not simply taking the moment to walk on days with you, either. If that is text massage you, calling you, or in continuous communication v you, climate it’s pretty apparent that that is really keen on you.

In the same vein, if he immediately says yes once you ask the to go out v you, and also he doesn’t even need come think around it, then you’re clearly a high priority in his life.

7) He gets jealous once you’re roughly other men

Jealously. A strong emotion that guys can’t control. In fact, I’d walk as much as saying the jealously is probably the most obvious sign that a man likes you.


Because it’s an emotion that happens naturally, and it’s extremely challenging to stop.

How have the right to you call if your male is jealous?

When friend speak to other men, is the watching closely at a distance? Is he looking frustrated?

He could even shot to interrupt the conversation and also introduce himself. Or he’ll show up angry with you after you speak to other guys.

If you desire to watch if jealously is getting the far better of him, friend could mention the name of one more guy once you’re in a conversation, and also if you an alert that his whole facial expression and body language changes, then it’s clear the he has actually feelings because that you.

The an excellent news is, once he notices the other males are pining because that you and that you’re a mrs of value, climate it can force him to act quickly and express his true feelings come you.

But be careful about this. The may likewise run away if he thinks the you like various other guys and he has no chance.

On the other hand, if that doesn’t prefer you, then he won’t really care when you mention other guys.

He’ll simply keep his cool, simply as you’d expect of anyone as soon as you mention another guy.

He may also probe you additional on the other guys on your hand to show you the he simply wants to store things casual.

8) the is drunk dialing you

You’ve more than likely heard the saying:

“A drunk who words room a sober who thoughts.”

He might be really an excellent at hiding his emotions once he is sober, but when girlfriend drink alcohol it simply isn’t possible to carry out so.

Alcohol has a means of make you more honest v your emotions. So if castle messaging and calling you as soon as they’re drunk, they most likely want come be through you.

They’ve obviously obtained you on their mind and also alcohol is forcing them to take action.

If this i do not care a usual occurrence, climate you deserve to be sure that they want to be v you, however they feel a details level of nervousness once they room confronting you once they’re sober.

9) He help you


Does that go the end of his method to help you?

If you require something fixed about the house, or your computer is exhilaration up, or if you have actually a problem in life and also you require some advice, is he constantly there for you?

This is a tell-tale authorize that he’s hiding his true feelings because that you.

Men desire to it is in there for the mrs he yes, really cares about. They want to it is in the first person you revolve to once you genuinely require help.

This relates to the hero instinct. I discussed this ide above.

The an easy truth is the male desires are not complicated, just misunderstood. Instincts are an effective drivers of human behavior and also this is particularly true for exactly how men technique their relationships.

How do you trigger this instinct in him? and also give him the feeling of an interpretation and objective he craves?

In an authentic way, friend simply have actually to display your guy what you need and permit him to action up to meet it.

In his new complimentary video, James Bauer outlines number of things you deserve to do. The reveals phrases, texts, and small requests the you can use right now to make him the he is genuinely helping you.

Watch his unique video here.

By triggering this an extremely natural male instinct, you’ll no only offer him better satisfaction as a man but you’ll help take your connection to the following level.

10) that can’t prevent smiling as soon as he is with you

If the can’t prevent smiling and also laughing when he’s around you, climate you’re placing him in a an excellent mood. He’s relishing being roughly you, and also he absolutely has a like on you.

He may not desire to to express it because he doesn’t want to screw anything up in between the two of you.

But the bottom heat is clear:

If the can’t prevent smiling climate he loves being about you. And also when girlfriend love being approximately someone, there’s normally a romantic element at play.

In fact, evolutionary psychologist Norman Li states that whether or no someone laughs at your jokes is a large “interest indicator”.

The main reason?

Because if he no laugh, it deserve to be viewed as a sign of active dislike.

That’s clear the last thing he’ll desire to execute if he likes you.

So if that is laughing and smiling at everything you say, then it’s a an excellent sign that is genuinely into you and also he might just it is in pretending that doesn’t prefer you.

Just save going in arising rapport through him and also making him feel comfortable. Eventually, hell come around to to express his true feelings to you.

11) he can’t protect against chatting to you with messaging apps and also social media

As we’ve stated above, it’s an overwhelming for a guy to be fully honest v emotions, especially when that is dealing with his crush.

If that likes you, he’ll struggle to acquire his native out and express exactly how he really feels.

Perhaps he is fear of gaining rejected, or his nerves are getting the far better of him, but you recognize the one location he have the right to express exactly how he feels?

Messaging apps and social media.

The created word is perfect for expressing just how you feel.


Because the doesn’t have to worry about rejection and also he can take his time come express what he is important feeling.

So if you notification that that is giving you long text messages, kind questions and he is yes, really responsive, climate he probably likes you.

He might also “like” all of your photos, even past ones the you haven’t freshly posted (he’s searching your profile) or he’ll article witty comments trying to it is in funny.

Whatever it is, human being use message apps and also social media to do it clear just how they are feeling and also to connect a article they’ve closely thought about.

12) It’s in the eyes

You deserve to tell a lot by a person’s eyes.

A guy who has actually feelings, yet is will on hiding lock is most likely to stare from a distance. He might be do the efforts to avoid you. Or effort to look at in any other direction 보다 at you.

But if that can’t store his eyes turn off of you that’s among the signs a man is hiding his true feelings.

Another sure sign he likes you? that makes lots of eye contact.

At this point, he may have provided up make the efforts to stop your gaze.

And just wants to constantly catch every expression on her face.

If he’s always making solid eye contact, it means he’s paying attention to you.

But the can gain tricky because there’s another much more subtle reservation in the gaze.

If every time girlfriend look at him, you capture him quickly looking away, the can absolutely be among the signs a man is hiding his true feelings.

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13) he tries to admire you


A man who is interested in friend is walking to desire to put his ideal foot forward.

This might mean caring around how the looks as soon as he’s roughly you, or playing through his hair and clothes.

An interested man will placed some thought into what he wears once he to know he’ll be roughly you.

Does he find ways to display off?

For some guys, this can be flashy and obvious, while other men will find an ext subtle methods to drop hints around how smart and capable lock are.

If they have actually a tendency to tell stories that space designed to impress you, it’s a pretty good sign the they have a to like on you.

14) He sends out you mixed signals

It could be that he doesn’t know how he feels, or probably he doesn’t know how you feel, or probably he’s fear of commitment.

There are a whole lot of factors that he might be hiding his feelings, however if he is, he’s likely to it is in sending mixed signals.

From being super sweet at some point to cold and also standoffish the next, if the can’t it seems ~ to consist of his mind exactly how to act about you, that is among the indicators a male is hiding his true feelings.

Running from hot to cold can be a symptom the he’s trying come play that cool, and also can make reading the indications a totality lot an ext tricky as soon as he goes from your finest friend to distant.

15) He provides you his complete attention

These job who give their complete attention come anything for much more than 15 seconds?

We’re all constantly glued come our phones, even if it is we’re checking message messages or looking v posts.

But if that keeps his phone call tucked away and also focuses his full attention on you, that’s a sure authorize his feelings operation deep.

When a man is interested, that makes certain that the moment he spends v you is quality.

The sort of quality time a man wants to invest with you is one of the best ways come tell exactly how much a male cares because that you.

Always mental that once it involves affection that is the top quality of the time spent an ext than the quantity.

When you space spending time together, does that go the end of his way to do you feeling special?

That is a definite authorize that he has actually feelings for you.

16) He allows you understand he is solitary and desires to know if friend are

If he’s interested he’ll discover a means to allow you know he’s single.

And when he may not be opposed to creating a small bit that jealousy, in the end, he’ll allow you recognize that various other girls are just friends.

If he’s stressing that the other women he spends time with are just platonic climate it’s obvious he wants you to understand that he is single.

He’ll additionally want to discover out if you’re single, but if he’s hiding his feelings, he might feel the have to be sneaky around it.

Do you notice him asking numerous questions around related topics, make the efforts to figure out if you’re single without comes out and also asking?

Also, if he’s constantly interested in you perhaps dating anyone, it’s a great bet he’s tracking how solitary you are since he’s interested.

17) gain gets close to you

Even if he’s not prepared to come clean around his feelings, if he’s obtained them, the won’t it is in able to aid himself be attracted to you.

If you discover him continuously coming into your personal space, or even that the 2 of you consistently bump into each other, that might be a sign that not only is the interested in you, but you might unconsciously be attracted closer come him together well.

If he provides casual physical contact, favor brushing your eight or also your hair, that’s a potential authorize he’s interested.

18) hear to your instinct

One the the best ways to recognize if the truly has actually feelings for you is to listen to her gut.

Intuition can tell girlfriend a lot, and if you have actually a solid feeling the he likes you, you might be right.

Try and think of reasons why he could be hiding his feelings.

Think about what friend would perform if you knew he had feelings.

If you have actually a pretty great feeling the he likes you, and also you feeling the same, maybe you must go ahead and also ask him.

Some indications that he’s not interested


There are likewise several advantageous ways come let you know he’s probably not interested.

1) He’s always talking around other women

He may want to pique her interest with a tiny jealousy, yet if he’s constantly talking around other women he’s interested in, then that’s a great sign the doesn’t have actually special feelings because that you.

2) He just sees you once it’s practically for him

A man who cares will be thoughtful and considerate.

A man who simply wants who to hang out v will perform it just when it’s practically for him.

3) that doesn’t message or message

He’ll want to store in touch and also share points if he’s interested. He won’t just interact the bare minimum yet will send you messages and also even give you a call.

If he’s just texting as soon as it’s time to make plans and also isn’t doing anything to store in touch in between, that’s a authorize he might not it is in interested.

How to take your connection to the next level

You now know far better than ever before that your man has feelings for you, no matter how deeply the is trying come hide them.

But what can you execute from here?

Do girlfriend sit back and just wait for him to make a move?

Do you provide him room and wait for him come come around?

The fact is, if girlfriend sit ago and wait because that him, you can be wait for a while. Some guys just aren’t good with your feelings. Regardless of being interested, they are too shy to act on this feelings and actually seek what castle want.

But nothing worry, yes a way you can take this connection to the following level on your own.

All you have to do is cause his hero instinct.

Do this, and also he’ll be questioning you the end in a heartbeat. The fact is, that won’t have the ability to resist!

It’s around getting inside his head and making him view what he’s lacking out on, and also this new video from relationship professional James Bauer is every you need to make that happen.

You can watch the video clip here.

James describes exactly what the hero instinct is and how friend can cause it in your man.

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What he reveals in the video is the vital to a healthy, happy and also long-term relationship and also it will change your life.