Origin the Hung the end to Dry

This expression originated about the 1960s. The precise origin is unclear. However, most sources believe it could have come from hanging clothing on a line to dry.

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This was approximately the time automatically washers and dryers were ending up being popular through the public. Those there is no an automatically dryer would certainly hang their clothing on a line outside to permit them to air dry.

It is feasible that the idiom arisen because clothes left to air dried were exit to the elements. They could get damaged through wind or dirt. Civilization left out to dry likewise were exit to your fates.

Examples that Hung out to Dry

Here is an example of two family members members making use of the expression while at home.

Grandmother: Hey! What space you doing? are you copying her friend’s math homework?

Granddaughter: Yes, yet it’s only due to the fact that I don’t know the material at all. If ns don’t copy it, i’ll fail the assignment.

Grandmother: you will do it never find out if you nothing try! I’m acquisition this and throwing the out.

Granddaughter: No, you can’t! Don’t hang me the end to dry choose this! i promise I’ll perform it on my own next time. Just let me copy that this once!

Grandmother: Nope. No cheating allowed. And also I’m not hanging you out to dry. I’ll assist you understand the math questions.

The 2nd dialogue mirrors a daughter explaining why she needs to go to school also though she is sick.

Father: You have a poor fever! you can’t go to institution today. I recognize you worry about your grades, but your health and wellness is more important.

Daughter: ns not simply worried about my grades. I always sit through my girlfriend Esther in ~ lunch. If i don’t come, she’ll need to sit every alone. That’s really embarrassing in high school! human being will make funny of her. Ns don’t desire to cave her the end to dry choose that.

More Examples

This excerpt is around a healthcare setup that didn’t cover enlarge people.

This excerpt is about a hockey team that didn’t assistance their goalie.

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The phrase hang someone the end to dried is to leaving them without aid when lock desperately require it.


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