What does get gully mean?

Get gully is a slang expression because that “acting tough,” especially to defend your honor in a fight, or periodically it just way “excited” much more generally.

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The indigenous gully in English has referred to a “ravine” since the 17th century and also a “ditch” or “gutter” due to the fact that the 18th century. It’s this meaning of gully that’s apparently at work-related in the expression get gully.

Gully, in slang, advert to civilization or points that come “from the gutter” (i.e., the streets). If you’re a tough, rugged, or gangsta, you could be gully.

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soft and delicate however i will acquire gully

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JulyIssue) June 6, 2018

Gully as a slang term for “the hood” or “streets” dates back to at the very least 1993, where new York City hip-hop team Onyx rapped on your track “Bang 2 Dis” about acting “thugged out, grimey, walk hard, gully.”

The expression get gully, then, has pertained to mean gift streetwise, constantly squared up because that a fight. It was popularized through rapper 50 Cent ~ above his 2011 “6 out of 6 (Get Gully),” which was all about his street ways: “We get gully and also we obtain money.”

By the 2000s, get gully started to average “starting drama” an ext generally too, even if it is physical fights or online flame wars. Oh yea, and also it likewise started to average “being really excited” for something, like a sporting event. 

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