Gibs is a stat on the leader boards web page that neither i or any of mine friends understand, some assist would be substantially appreciated. Ty.

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a "gib" is a strike of a denizen, every time a denizen scretches friend u will acquire a gib in the leaderboard.

i u look in ~ ur stats, the snapshot of the gibs leaderboard is actualy the denizens claws.


This is the correct answer, return exploding a zombie is likewise considered "gibbing". Has nothing to do with Denizen attacks.


Call that Duty: black color Ops 2 (2012) Gibbs room a statistic that have the right to be watched on the leaderboards. Usual tactics on achieving Gibs vary from the old fashion spray and also pray methods, come demolition antics. A map mechanic that lava was included in the zombie franchise, assisting in the creation of gibs. Lava causes zombies to catch ablaze. Incinerated zombie befallen by a headshot will explode developing a giblet Smörgåsbord. Exploding zombie in a herd will reason surrounding zombies to offer an ext gibs to your leaderboard stats.

I think there is other wrong v the Emblems/Leaderboards. Simply a when ago, I obtained to round 39 and had at least 2000 death 1300 Headshots. I"m ranked in ~ 230 in the Tranzit Mode but I still have actually the Blue-Eyed Skull through Dagger. The #1 Player still has the Emblem you very first have. WTFM?

I might be wrong however I think that emblem relates come how energetic of a player friend are. If you to be to walk offline for a week climate it"s possible that you would certainly drop back down come bones. As soon as you have actually the full emblem climate it"s feasible you see more secrets in game. Or perhaps it"s pertained to the permanent abilities like rapid revive and deadshot. I dunno yet it appears your emblem is not necessarily related to having actually the most kills or what not.

megaton is right, although i didnt inspect the wiki link, i confirm the really gameplay cause thats the just legit means to gain info "bout the game... I go out off part arms and also i go have much more "gibs" in the leaderboard.

Gibs were actually, if ns remember correctly, part of the WaW leaderboards if friend looked at the leaderboards on the website. So the gib respond to isn"t yes, really anything new.

I think the very first time I experienced "gibs" was back in the quake3arena days and it intended the very same thing. Blowing turn off limbs or punch your foe into pieces intended you gained "gibbed"

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