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‘The irish welcome the céad mile fáilte would not be interpreted in the seat of european power due to the fact that the irish language is not an official recognised european language.’

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‘The an extremely able and capable M.C., Mr. Padraig Gavin, extended a céad míle fáilte to the huge gathering through a unique welcome for every the differentiated guests and visitors.’‘Tommy and Ann laid on the céad míle fáilte in layout for the pair - who also were friends of Mattie Brennan of Neary"s Bar, brand-new York and also the ‘Click’ Brennan family, Tubbercurry and brand-new York.’‘Unfortunately, for tens of thousands of arrivals who room unfamiliar with several of our 19th and also early 20 th-century licensing laws, the absence of a céad mile fáilte in irish pubs and also restaurants comes as a shock.’‘A céad míle fáilte is prolonged to individuals and families to assemble at the Millennium leg at 3pm for an afternoon to walk filled with information on the history, fauna and flora of the area.’‘The owners, Michael and Brenda Cahill, expand a céad míle fáilte to all their friends and also customers because that this unique event, i m sorry kicks off at 8 pm.’‘The grand Draw duty in the good Western Hotel assures to it is in a good night and also there"s a céad mile fáilte to every to attend and also partake in the excitement.’‘Their host Louis Ó Coileáin had actually a vast cead míle fáilte for them.’‘Fergus claims there will be a substantial céad míle fáilte for all.’‘Admission is free and a céad míle fáilte awaits one and also all.’‘The neighborhood is united in prolonging a hearty céad míle fáilte come Fr Michael Fleming, our brand-new parish priest.’‘Ionad Deirbhile Heritage center extends a céad míle fáilte to all our visitors and hope they have actually a pleasant stay among us.’‘A céad mile fáilte is extended to the Moldovan athletes come Scartaglin, and we hope they reap their visit to our parish.’‘Tullow is all set to prolong a huge céad mile fáilte to the Bolivian one-of-a-kind Olympics team collection to come in the city this Sunday.’‘The finest of lucky to every one of the neighborhood athletes taking component in the distinct Olympics and additionally fáilte to every one of the Slovenian athletes!’‘We prolong a céad míle fáilte come you all and also know that you will gain the time spent with her family and also friends.’‘But as Brendan Leahy that ITIC acknowledges, the céad mile fáilte is faltering in a much more materialistic, time-poor society.’‘There will be a low-key welcome because that the team and also their coaches when they come on Saturday evening, with the lengthy journey precluding any an ext energetic fáilte.’‘The parents who travelled through the boys and girls in the band said that the red carpet to be laid down and they obtained a céad míle fáilte - French style.’‘One obtained a céad míle fáilte, i m sorry wrapped girlfriend in the warm of heartfelt friendship.’