What the holy bible says aboutEnigma(From Forerunner Commentary)Daniel 12:4The expression "to and fro" is not to be minimal to world literally going native one place to another. While it does likewise mean that, the words in Hebrew indicate something the is happening totally within a person"s mind. The mental of world are casting ago and forth together though they space in middle of a puzzle, a mystery, one enigma that they cannot number out. Or, they are all stressed, and their minds are flashing back and forth since of all that is burdening them.

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John W. RitenbaughSanctification and the Teens
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1 Corinthians 2:6-10How plain! What we have actually in the gospel is a revelation. We should tie this principle of God"s revelation to words "mystery" (verse 7).

In English it does no mean specifically the same thing together in Greek. In English, mystery method "a puzzle that is an overwhelming to solve," but in Greek, it means "a an enig that is difficult to penetrate." So, words of God, His purpose and also plan, is a mystery, a mystery that is impossible come penetrate. Paul is implying that man would never discover out what God intends, except that God provides it to us by revelation.

We have in no means earned this revelation. We have actually it because it pleasure God to provide it come us. That withholds the from others, however He has provided it to us. That is in no means beholden come us, as if he owed united state something. We could dig in His Word end our whole lifetimes and never concerned what He openly gives to united state for His purposes, because that His own reasons.

Brilliant males like Adam Clarke have dug right into God"s Word with the centuries. It took him forty years to develop his famed commentary. Given that the man was unconverted, it yes, really is a magnificent work, done with all sincerity and also dedication. Yet, at the finish of his efforts, he did not fully penetrate the an enig of what God is doing among men. A excellent man and also a excellent work, yet he emerged from his researches not expertise the magnificent purpose the God offers to united state without our earning it. Top top the various other hand, the is really likely that countless of us never ever cracked the pages of a Bible before God started to open up our minds. Some have, some have actually not. Yet God called countless of united state in the situation, and also though us did no deserve it, that revealed His way to us.

John W. RitenbaughGrace upon Grace
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1 Corinthians 13:12One translator describes what "we watch in a mirror, dimly," as "a riddle and also an enigma." Paul says that currently we carry out not see God almost as plainly as we would like, yet the time is coming as soon as we will watch Him in startling and bold clarity. He is showing a time-consuming procedure of readjust that progressively transforms.

The important aspect for us is the now, because of His merciful revelation of self to us, we perform see a portion of His eternal glory, even if imperfectly. Rather are completely blind to even the part we view imperfectly. We are in the process of becoming as with Him, and also we will certainly share His really life in glory, together I man 3:2 assures us: "Beloved, now we are children of God; and also it has actually not however been revealed what we shall be, but we understand that as soon as He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for us shall watch Him as He is."

in Jude 24 we discover measureless encourage if us will believe what it says: "Now to Him that is may be to keep you from falling and to current you faultless before the visibility of His glory with exceeding joy. . . ." We will be there is no spot, blemish, or wrinkle; we space going to suffer perfection.

This is what is promised to united state to enjoy as soon as we see Him together He is, as soon as we have the fullness that His Spirit, once we are totally redeemed. Moreover, due to the fact that of the gift of God's Spirit, us are likewise promised a little foretaste in this life. We can know something of the delight of holiness and also the hatred of sin as Christ knew them. God wants us to endure the love, joy, and also peace the passes all understanding. At the moment of our full redemption, God will certainly wipe away every tears, and our pleasure will be unmeasured and also unmixed.

Do we love God and also our brethren? together the apostle man teaches, they go together; they can not be separated. We have our failings on both scores. Due to the fact that we belong come Christ, we have the right to experience the love. Its fruit are just budding, however in the Kingdom the God, us will endure it in full flower.

John W. RitenbaughOur Uniqueness and also Time
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