Yeah, buddy! though it’s been practically a decade due to the fact that we took our first trip under to the Jersey Shore, we’ve been left with an array of classic lines. And while specific acronyms and also abbreviations have actually been melted into all of our brains and branded onto numerous Seaside Heights boardwalk t-shirts, you may have actually forgotten what they in reality mean. Now that the crew is having fun top top Family Vacation, friend should absolutely brush up on those above phrases that have been immortalized in few of your favourite GIFs. Yet where carry out you start?

Well, we have you covered! indigenous “gorilla juice head” to “pouf,” we defined some that the most common phrases, words, and also important exclamations native the series.

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Atomic Bomb


Meaning: sophisticated and usual collaborative different of the “fist pump” in which the pumper in concern starts banging the ground and also then brings that pump approximately the ceiling.

Blow Out


Meaning: A charming hair-spray-and-gel format popularized by DJ Pauly D that takes around 20 minutes to execute (it comes the end perfect every time).

Cabs room Here


Meaning: A proto-Uber call to arms meant to assemble a group to an awaiting engine vehicle. Variants incorporate the Italian, “taxi arrivato!” and also Spanish, “taxi not like that qui!”



Meaning: down to… oh, come on, we’re certain you’ve been suckered into enough frat next in her youth come remember what this one is.

Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick

Meaning: any kind of woman’s ideal man in the early on aughts the the Jersey Shore. Tan, so muscled he probably has a tough time placing his arms down (the gorilla part) and also jacked up on steroids (the juice head part).


Meaning: In the native of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, a “fat, ugly girl.” (see also: atomic bomb, landmine, grenade launcher).

Grenade Launcher

Meaning: A larger, uglier girl (again, no our words) that is lugged along to make a grenade look far better by comparison.


Meaning: nice much any type of man who makes it ~ above camera in this show, or charmingly defined by The instance in this video, “It’s favor a swag.”


Meaning: In the immortal native of Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, “a guidette is somebody that knows how to society it up, bring away really great care that themselves, has pretty hair, cakes on makeup, has tanned skin, put on the hottest heels. Pretty lot they know just how to own it and rock it.”


Meaning: Gym, tan, to wash — an essential, day-to-day ritual because that any good guido or guidette.

Jersey Turnpike

Meaning: an exotic kind of nearly completely diagonal grinding which has actually the mrs in concern doing some type of handstand (ugh, sounds exhausting).


Meaning: A an extremely charming terminology for Snooki’s… you know. She nana. Her pinhole. Come on, guys.


Meaning: A tiny, booze-loving lady who simply wants to have actually fun. Particularly refers to Snooki and also Deena Cortese, could likewise refer to us if us doused ourself in spray tan and also drank too countless margs at happy hour.


Meaning: A dynamic trio consists of Mike, beanie Guadagnino, and Pauly. Sometimes modified to MVPD to contained Deena.


Meaning: A giant hair bump, usually haphazardly held in ar by a plastic clip and half-deflated by your 2nd drink in ~ Karma. Likewise known as “the Snookit” via the hairstyle’s originator.

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She’s as well Young for You

Meaning: …if she still has coloring books, if she’s acquired a basket on her bicycle, if she still has the parental controls on her TV in she bedroom, if she only owns Snow White top top DVD, if her Keds still light up (bro).