If you’ve been learning Japanese for any kind of time in ~ all, climate you’ve most likely come across the word どうも (doumo) in several different situations. This is since that one word has actually several meanings. What go domo mean in Japanese? That’s specifically what fine cover in today’s lesson.

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Before we get started, let’s just look at a few different ways that the spelled so that there’s no confusion.

In Japanese the is spelled as どうも and in English you can see this transcribed as domo, doumo, or dōmo. Technically speaking, the 2nd and third English spelling of it that I detailed are the correct ones because it has actually an elongated “o” vowel at first.

But not everyone species it in that means when utilizing an English keyboard, for this reason I’ve included it in the list just in case.

Alright, v that out of the way, stop hop into the good stuff!

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1) What does Domo median in Japanese?
2) Domo Can likewise Mean thanks
3) Domo Can additionally Mean Hello
4) A supervisor Versatile and Useful word

What walk Domo median in Japanese?

The many common method that I watch どうも (doumo) provided in Japanese is tantamount to the English indigenous “very” when provided to to express a person’s feelings in set phrases simply as “I’m very sorry” or “Thank you really much.”

Let’s say the you by chance stepped ~ above a person’s foot and you desire to apologize. You can do therefore by speak the following:

どうもすみません。doumo sumimasen.I’m an extremely sorry.

While simply apologizing v the standard すみません would probably be good in this situation, walk the extra mile by adding on the どうも is a nice way to convey your feelings.

On the various other side of things, stop say the you’re leaving the office or school and as you room walking out the door a human chases you down and also hands you your phone. Friend can’t believe that girlfriend forgot it and almost went residence without it!

Since you feeling so thankful to the person who went out of their way to lug you your iPhone or Android, you desire to do much more than just say thank you. You desire to include some feeling to it so the the human knows they’ve done you a an excellent favor.

Here’s exactly how you have the right to express her extra level that gratitude:

どうもありがとうございました!doumo arigatou gozaimashita!Thank you really much!

I can’t imagine shedding my phone, however I bet the it would be a large inconvenience!

As for thanking people, the brings united state to the next section in our lesson ~ above どうも.

Domo Can also Mean Thanks

It is very common to usage どうも (doumo) when saying thank you to other people. So lot so in fact, that you often times can omit the ありがとう (arigatou) component and just say どうも.


This is one informal method of thanking a person, so you wouldn’t want to use it as soon as speaking to human being who have a higher position 보다 you at areas such as work-related or school. However it’s fine when speaking to her friends or people who space of equal status.

There are additionally some set phrases that usage どうも and are provided to thank a person. The an initial one is:

先日はどうも。senjitsu wa doumo.Thank you because that the various other day.

This one is offered when you run into a person and you desire to start off the conversation by thanking them for their help the critical time you saw then.

For example, let’s proceed off of the example from previously when girlfriend left her phone in ~ the office or school and also someone ran after you to return it. The following time you view them would certainly be a great time to usage the over phrase to give thanks to them again for being such a huge help.

The word 先日 (senjitsu) means “the various other day; a few days ago” however if you simply saw the human yesterday, climate you could want to usage 昨日 (kinou) because that “yesterday” instead.

昨日はどうも。kinou wa doumo.Thank you because that yesterday.

This last phrase is what’s well-known as a 軽い挨拶 (karui aisatsu) or a “light greeting” due to the fact that it’s the an initial thing friend say as soon as you run into a person you know. However, どうも have the right to actually be offered by itself as a greeting.

Domo Can additionally Mean Hello



I’m certain you’ve watched several methods of greeting world in Japanese such together こんにちは (konnichi wa) because that “hello” or おはようございます (ohayou gozaimasu) for “good morning.”

There is also an informal way to greet people with our word that the day:

どうも。doumo.Hey / Hi.

This is a pretty casual way to greet civilization on the street or wherever you happen to check out them at. Just be sure not to usage it towards people who command a specific level of respect native you.

Another thing that you could say come a human is the following:

どうもお久しぶりです。doumo ohisashi buri desu.Hello, it has actually been a long time.

This one can be used when you meet a person whom friend haven’t seen or talked to for quite some time.

If you desire to speak hello, yet you’ve viewed the person much more recently climate you can additionally say:

どうも、こんにちは。doumo, konnichi wa.Well, hello there.

Generally speaking, the longer a phrase or verb is in Japanese, the much more polite it is. That method that super brief ones, favor saying どうも because that “thanks” or “hello” are taken into consideration informal and should be maintained to casual instances only.

A supervisor Versatile and Useful Word

As you’ve watched from the above phrases and examples, the word どうも is yes, really versatile and also can be used in a range of situations. This is definitely one of those “essentials” that you’ll want to learn and remember while learning Japanese.

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Now the you’ve learned around it, every that’s left to do is exercise using it you yourself and additionally keep one eye the end for that to watch what other means Japanese human being use it.

If you conference it out in the civilization in a new means that wasn’t discussed in this article, then leaving a comment down below and also share it so that ns can include it to the list and also other human being can learn it together well!