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speak in a low voice come Ellen"s mother. "They should be edgy because to the recent Resistance incidents. Walk you review in Die Frie Danske about the bombings in Hillerod and Norrebro?" back she pretended come be absorbed in unpacking her schoolbooks, Annemarie listened, and also she knew what her mommy was introduce to. Die Frie Danske -- The complimentary Danes -- to be an illegal newspaper, Peter Neilsen carried them occasionally, closely folded and hidden amongst ordinary books and also papers, and also Mama constantly burned that after she and Papa read it. However Annemarie heard Mama and also Papa talk, periodically at night, about the news they got that way: news the sabotage versus the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in factories that produced war materials, and also industrial rail lines damaged so that the goods couldn"t it is in transported."

-From Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, pages 8 and also 9


Imagine: You have actually lived in the country of Denmark all her life. Suddenly, your quiet Danish city is invaded by Nazi soldiers who think that German people should dominance the world and that Slavic, African, and especially Jewish civilization are of an worse race and should it is in destroyed. Her life has actually been changed totally and friend have become a sinner in your very own town. Also more, the Germans have censored all papers in Denmark because they perform not desire you or the other citizens the your country to understand what is continue in the world. You have actually heard the illegal papers are being printed by a resistance motion so that the human being of Denmark can learn the truth. Among these files is called "De Frie Danske," which way "The free Danes." you feel that it is important that your friends and also family are aware of what is truly going top top in the world. What will you do?

Your task is to work-related with your publication club groups to research various perspectives of Danish citizens during the Holocaust. Each group member will choose one that the adhering to roles: a Danish newspaper reporter, a member the the Resistance, a Jewish citizens of Denmark, or a Danish fisherman that supports the alliance. Each team member will occupational individually to write a journal entry relenten what the would have been choose to be this human during world War II. Once you have actually completed your newspaper entry, you and also your group members will share what friend learned from your study with every other. Climate you will work-related together to create your own illegal newspaper to notify citizens around the war. You will certainly use resources from this WebQuest and also the Number the Stars book, in addition to any other books, newspapers, or magazines that may be available.

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Finally, you and also your group members will current your newspapers or newscast to your language arts class when you room finished v the project.

This assignment will certainly be graded by the usage of a rubric uncovered in the testimonial section the this WebQuest.