Dasvidaniya is actually two words, no one: до (until) and свида́ния (meeting / date). So literally it method “until the next meeting“.

Dasvidaniya is a formal means to to speak goodbye and should be used with civilization you don’t know and also those older 보다 you.

Although, friend don’t need to say dasvidaniya every time you desire to speak goodbye in a official tone. There are a couple of farewells in Russian that you deserve to use, for example:

Хоро́шего дня!Have a nice day!

Всего́ хоро́шего!All the best!

Всего́ до́брого!Lit: all the kindness!

If you desire to to speak bye in an informal tone, you have the right to use paka (bye in Russian) or various other informal Russian farewells.

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до свида́ния


Examples of Dasvidaniya in Russian

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