Have girlfriend been browsing the net with terms like “cuantas translation,” “cuantas meaning,” or “cuantos definition”?

No, ns didn’t get accessibility to all your cookies, I simply know what college student at her level want and need to find out in relation to this topic!

In this blog post, learn just how to say “how much” and also “how many” in barisalcity.org. I cover cuantos and cuantas in detail, re-superstructure plenty of instance sentences, and carry out a multiple-choice quiz for you to test your an abilities at the end.

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I promise that after finding out this topic, friend won’t fear going to local, barisalcity.org-speaking shop to ask “how lot is it?”—and, even better, you’ll know when the seller asks you around the amounts of what friend need.

¡Empecemos!Let’s start!

Cuanto, Cuantos, Cuanta, Cuantas – what’s the Difference?


When you ask around quantity in English, you need to choose between “how many” and also “how much” depending on whether the quantity is countable or uncountable. Take into consideration the difference between these two questions:

just how much money (uncountable noun) do you need?How many dollars (countable noun) execute you need?

In barisalcity.org, friend don’t should worry around these distinctions, however you need to take other aspects into consideration.

To start, you have actually four develops of this concern word to pick from:


Additionally, they can additionally exist without the interval mark, once they’re not creating a question.

Let’s rest this under into conveniently digestible pieces!

Cuánto, Cuánta, Cuántos, Cuántas – Gender and Number Agreement

The related creates of cuanto change depending on the gender and variety of the noun the they count.

You surely remember that in barisalcity.org the nouns space either woman or feminine and also they’re one of two people singular or plural. This is all you need to recognize to settle the mystery of cuantos vs cuantas.

Simply put, the question word should agree in gender and number v the noun that adheres to it.

Consider this chart:


translate in

As you deserve to see native the chart, normally the singular develops translate to “how much” and also cuantos or cuantas in barisalcity.org typical “how many” in English.

example Sentences in barisalcity.org

Let’s look at some instance sentences!

¿Cuánta tarea hay para el lunes?How lot homework is there because that Monday?

¿Cuánta leche necesito para el pastel?How lot milk perform I require for the cake?

¿Cuánto dinero cuesta esto?How lot money go this cost?

¿Cuántos alumnos vinieron a clase?How numerous students concerned class?

¿Cuántas zanahorias crecen en tu jardín?How countless carrots flourish in her garden?

¿Cuántas horas le dedicaste a este trabajo?How countless hours go you spend on this job?

How to use Cuanto, Cuanta, Cuantos, Cuantas


While cuánto, cuánta, cuántos, and also cuántas are inquiry words (also known as “interrogatives”), lock can also be relative adjectives, adverbs, or pronouns.

In every cases, they should agree in gender and also number through the noun, however the placement and also accent marks will certainly be various in every case.

1. As Interrogatives

When cuánto, cuánta, cuántos, and cuántas function together interrogative (meaning lock initiate a question), they constantly have an accent mark over the an initial letter a.

Keep in mental to include an upside-down question note at the beginning of her question when you’re writing!

Learn more: what’s the deal with the Upside down Question mark in barisalcity.org?


¿Cuántos carros hay en el estacionamiento? Treinta.How plenty of cars are in the parking lot? Thirty.

The interrogatives can likewise appear there is no a noun to follow it, but it’s clear what it’s in recommendation to.

For example, if you’re talk to your friend around the cars in the parking lot, you have the right to simply ask:

¿Cuántos hay? Treinta.How plenty of are there? Thirty.

Or even:

¿Cuántos? Treinta.How many? Thirty.


Cuánto as an interrogative precedes a verb and also translates to “how much” in English.

¿Cuánto trabajas?How much do you work?

¿Cuánto cuesta?How lot is it?

¿Cuánto pesas?How much do you weigh?

2. As loved one Adjectives

When cuanto, cuanta, cuantos, and also cuantas appear as family member adjectives lock don’t have the accent note over them, and also they show up in the middle of a sentence prior to the noun they refer to. They nothing ask a question, rather they join two clauses together.

Le compraron tantas velas cuantos años cumplía.They bought the as plenty of candles together the year he was turning.

Compra cuanta agua necesites.Buy as much water together you need.

No sé cuantos días tenemos libres.I don’t know how countless days off us have.

3. As loved one Pronouns

Cuanto, cuanta, cuantos, and cuantas can also introduce loved one clauses when they show up as loved one pronouns. They don’t have actually an interval mark but they must agree in gender and number through the noun they refer to. Lock are identical to todo lo que and also todos lo que.

Cuantos vieron el accidente, corrieron a ayudar.Everybody that witnessed the accident ran to help.

Obtuvo el mismo resultado tantas veces cuantas repitió el experimento.He gained the same outcomes as countless times as he repetitive the experiment.

Hizo tanto cuanto pudo.He did as much as the could.

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Take the Quiz on Cuanto, Cuanta, Cuantos, Cuantas


Put your an abilities to the test with the adhering to questions! keep in mind the gender and variety of the nouns and shot to remember in which cases you need to use the interval mark.