I am new to MATLAB and also was going with some machine learning jobs written in MATLAB. Some papers start v the adhering to lines:

clear all;close all;clc;I recognize that this lines with each other render a clean job-related space. Also, the close all is used to close all figures.

If both the clear all and also clc are supplied to clear command window, climate what is the difference in between the two?



The aid for both are rather thorough.

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In short:

clc - removes the command window

clear all clears variables, however it additionally clears a most other points from memory, such as breakpoints, persistent variables and also cached storage - as your brand-new to Matlab this is most likely a little unclear.

In short: friend rarely should use clear all - most of the moment a an easy clear will be enough.


No, both room not same. There"s a difference.

clear all is basically supplied to clear/delete the variables created in Workspace.

clc is basically supplied to clean the Command Window (where we execute MATLAB commands).

» clc

It clears Command Window.

clc clears all input and also output native the Command home window display, offering you a "clean screen".

After making use of clc, girlfriend cannot usage the scroll bar to view the background of functions, however you still deserve to use the up arrowhead key, ↑, to recall statements from the command history.

Reference attach to read much more about clc command.

» clear

It clears items from workspace, releasing up device memory.

clear gets rid of all variables from the existing workspace, releasing them from device memory.

Reference connect to read an ext about clear command.

» clean all

It gets rid of Variable in scope, Scripts and also functions, Persistent variables, MEX functions, global variables etc.

Note: call clear all decreases password performance, and is normally unnecessary. For an ext information, see the advice section.

Reference connect to read much more about clear every command.

» close

It clears specified figure.

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It deletes the present figure or the specified figure(s). That optionally return the standing of the close operation.