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Cherry Valance is a well-dressed girl who Ponyboy and also his friends conference at the movie in chapter 2 the The Outsiders . She is fine dressed and what Ponyboy calls "sharp and really good-looking." She is around sixteen or seventeen and has lengthy red hair. Her actual name is Sherri,...

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Cherry Valance is a well-dressed girl that Ponyboy and his friends conference at the movie in thing 2 of The Outsiders. She is fine dressed and also what Ponyboy phone call "sharp and really good-looking." She is about sixteen or seventeen and has lengthy red hair. Her actual name is Sherri, yet she has the nickname Cherry since of her red hair. She is a cheerleader, and, in enhancement to gift very good looking, she appears intelligent and perceptive. For example, she understands the Johnny has been hurt and also is vulnerable as a result. Cherry and Ponyboy have a genuine connection, and also he feels together though he have the right to speak v her openly. Though she hangs out with the Soc crowd, she is open up to befriending world who aren"t in her crowd, and she has a good sense that judgment about people. 

together others have replied, Cherry Valance is a beautiful red-haired cheerleader. Ponyboy is absolutely taken through her. She is with a friend, Marcia, when Ponyboy and Johnny first meet her, and also Ponyboy notes that although Marcia also is "cute," Cherry is the real stunner. She deserve to be related to as the main female character in the novel. 

Ponyboy does it seems to be ~ to be genuinely attractive to Cherry, although the doesn"t yes, really say for this reason directly. However it isn"t just her physical qualities that tempt him. He also likes she for gift considerate and sensitive. She is a Soc girl but she shows no condescension whatsoever towards Greasers like Ponyboy. In truth she strikes increase an instant rapport v both Ponyboy and also Johnny. All 3 are similarly thoughtful and also sensitive - unlike practically everyone else in the novel, other than maybe Soda, to part degree.

Cherry forms vital link between the Socs and also Greasers. She helps Ponyboy come realize the underneath all the external differences, Socs and Greasers are really the same: they"re every human.