In the us State i live in, I occasionally hear speaker greet one an additional by merely staying "Bueno". Ns didn"t listen this once I was freshly in Mexico, although ns realize I might just have actually not noticed it.

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How or once is "bueno" provided as a greeting? Is it thought about slang, and also what room some considerations in its use?

Is it supplied a greeting in in various other places past my lone state in the US?




Is supplied as a greeting once answering the phone call (primarily in Mexico).


As a short type of buenos/as (días|tardes|noches) is supplied as greeting in some regions of Spain and Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico).



Actually, ¿bueno? is used largely in México and also it doesn"t initially represents a greeting or a hello. Around 1880 the telephone very first came come México however the business quality was really poor. When somebody do the efforts to contact to an additional person then the operator person would have actually to attach that call, together the mechanism was an extremely poor climate the operator person had actually to carry out some "test" in stimulate to inspect whether the call can be linked or not. So, in order to know that, the operator person would speak "¿Bueno?", which literally way "good?" and then wait for the answer, if it was "Bueno" then the contact was effectively connected and also the actual contact proceeded.Here is the resource of this information, but it"s in barisalcity.org


In Spain, at least in the Basque Country, that is occasionally used together a very unshened "good bye", or "see you". Something like "bueno, entonces hasta mañana", and also then dropping everything yet "bueno". I"ve also heard the (and more than likely said it) reduced to "bo".

Here in Puerto Rico we generally say "Buenas" ("Greetings") as soon as answering phones and greeting people. When we conclude a phone call call or visit, we commonly say "Buen Día", as in "Have a good day".

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