What is her blood type? chances are you may have encountered gift asked this inquiry while in Japan. This is just one of the most common questions asked transparent the country, even if it is you’re in landscape or urban areas. Friend may find it weird in ~ first, but for them, it’s as normal as asking inquiries for directions. So, why carry out they ask human being such a question?

Over the years, Japan advanced from a traditional to one ultramodern country. With their advances in technology, most of the worldwide audience believed that the country doesn’t dwell ~ above old-fashioned and also non-scientific beliefs anymore. But, in reality, they tho do. One of these beliefs is the concept that a person’s blood form influences their very own personality. It’s their method of distinguishing the temperament and compatibility of the person with other people. So if it’s your an initial time to visit the country, brace yourself as you will probably encounter this question much more than once.

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Blood form Personality in Japan: A Guide

People through the blood type personality O are recognized to it is in eccentric. They are optimistic and can easily get along with everybody. Whenever faced with a problem, they can regulate their emotions to avoid developing a an adverse vibe among other people. Being visionaries, lock focus more on the photo with high confidence. Since of this, castle are periodically viewed together arrogant.

The O group is labeling as herbal leaders and interestingly, most Japanese prime Ministers belong come this blood type group. Castle are specialists in expressing their thoughts and also opinions constructively which renders them great leaders. Top top the various other hand, they also have some challenges in expressing their feelings due to the fact that they room afraid of gift rejected. If you desire to gain to recognize them better, you can simply go through their flow and also be there for them at any time they’re having a hard time.


So over there you have actually it. Now, you recognize all the linked traits of the various blood kind personalities. Through this, you deserve to now confidently prize the question, “what’s your blood type?” without hesitation. So, if you’re plan to go to Japan, better know her blood type and study other blood types as well.

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Asking for various other people’s blood kind in Japan is as common as speak “Hello.” It deserve to be a great ice breaker and can even assist you v understanding and communicating far better with the locals. Blood type aside, the takeaway native this is that it is vital to recognize your personality and also how friend adapt and also communicate through people. Knowing and shaping her character is the an initial step in self-discovery. And also soon enough, girlfriend won’t have any troubles when asked with different yet attractive questions once you travel.