BBA Aviation or Bachelor of Business management in Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate degree that have the right to be sought after completion of course XII in India

The candidates who want to seek this course should have completed course 12th with 50% accumulation from a known university.

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Know much more About Aviation Course

Scores of higher secondary space really important because the admission to this food is merit-based, complied with by an interview in some cases.

However, couple of colleges choose Lovely skilled University and Jagannath university offer join to candidates after they have actually cleared the enntrance gate exams. In that case, LPUNEST and JUEE are the significant entrances come crack.

BBA Aviation: key Highlights

Full-Form: Bachelor that Business management in AviationDuration: 3 years.Eligibility: greater secondary level from a well-known board v 50%Admission Process: Merit-Based/Entrance-BasedTop enntrance gate Exams: LPUNEST and also JUEEBBA Aviation Subjects:Managing information system, airline marketing management, Cargo introductory course, airline & airport management, waiting cargo security awareness, etcBBA Aviation Fees: INR 70,000 to INR 4,00,000BBA Aviation Salary: INR 4 - 8 LPABBA Aviation Jobs: Credit control manager, airplane manager, routine manager, assistant airport manager, airport to work manager, etc.Top Recruiting Companies: Air India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, air Costa, air Heritage, wait Deccan, air India Charters Ltd, SpiceJet, IndiGo, etc

The fees charged for the course arrays from INR 70,000 come INR 4,00,000 annually in India.

BBA Aviation offers a strong managerial background particularly in the field of aviation and the airline business. With this course, the students deserve to learn plane planning, passenger forecasting, plane security, fire safety, etc. This course will help them understand the business, recognize and also solve the difficulties that might arise through the an altering scenarios in the aviation industry.

Tabulated below are several of the height BBA Aviation Colleges in India, as per the service Today Ranking 2020.

Business this day Ranking 2020Name that the InstituteAdmission ProcessAnnual food feesAnnual course Salary
#67AIMS Institute, BangaloreMerit-based, followed by InterviewINR 2,28,000INR 8 LPA
#93Kristu Jayanti College, BangaloreMerit-based, complied with by InterviewINR 80,000INR 5.5 LPA
#102Hindustan institute of an innovation & scientific research (HITS), ChennaiMerit-basedINR 9,2,200INR 10 LPA
#147IIKM organization School, ChennaiMerit-based, complied with by one interviewINR 95,000INR 5 LPA
#196Jagannath UniversityJUEEINR 75,000INR 8.65 LPA

The graduates ~ the perfect of this course are offered with assorted job avenues in airports, airlines, flight schools, Airline insurance companies, education institutes, etc.

They deserve to work as a credit control manager, plane manager, regimen manager, assistant airplane manager, airport work manager, etc. The average salary is intended to range between INR 4-6 lakhs every annum.

The graduates are additionally eligible to walk for further studies prefer MBA. They can also choose to prepare for government jobs and also get managerial work in federal government organizations.

BBA Aviation admission Process

The join to BBA Aviation is largely done top top the basis of merit i.e through the scores got in course XII examination. The scores are very first evaluated, then the shortlisted candidates are invited because that an interview. Climate the selected students get an sell letter to take admission.

However, couple of universities like Lovely experienced University and Jagannath university conduct admission v entrance exams.

To use for the course, the candidates will have to go through the adhering to admission process:

Step 1: go to the college website and check the eligibility.

Step 2: If you space eligible then apply by filling the application form. The institute might ask for some documents and the applications fees.

Step 3: The college will release a merit list. If your name shows up on the list then you will be invited for the team discussion and interview.

Step 4:In case of entrances, apply and also prepare to appear for the same.

Step 5:On gift selected, the institute will send an offer letter. Accept the letter within the noted time to secure her seat. And then you will have the ability to enroll.


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BBA Aviation Eligibility

To apply to any top colleges because that BBA Aviation, the candidates should accomplish the following eligibility criteria:

The candidate should have actually passed 10+2 examination or equivalent, indigenous a known board.They should have actually scored a minimum accumulation of 50% in 10+2 (45% in instance of the booked category.BBA Aviation entrance Exam

There space very few colleges that conduct admission based upon the enntrance gate exam. Several of them are:

Exam NameApplication PeriodExam DateExam Mode
LPUNESTJune 2-June 30, 2020June 7 to June 30, 2020Online
JUEEApril end, 2020May, 2020Online/ Offline

How to Prepare for BBA Aviation entrance Exams?

following tips must be considered for far better performance in BBA Aviation entrance Exams :

Most that the quantitative inquiries come from class X and also Class XII maths. Hence,one should have a better grip end these straightforward concepts, formulas and also shortcuts.Keep on practicing sample question papers and model test to know the pattern and also structure that the exam well.Manage her time effectively as for answering each and every question. Shortcuts have to be applied while solving the paper.Start walking through everyday news to enhance your general knowledge skills. Basic Knowledge is tested in enntrance gate exams and also sometimes likewise asked in an individual interviews and also group discussion rounds.

How to obtain admission into good colleges?

To obtain admission in peak BBA colleges favor AIMS Institute, Bangalore, IIKM business School, Chennai and also more, the adhering to points need to be preserved in mind-

To obtain admission in a an excellent college, the students will need to perform incredibly well in the class XII examination, since most that the institutes market admission ~ above the communication of the marks scored in course XII.Secondly, castle will have to prepare because that the interview process. Being confident is really important. Being a commerce student deserve to be useful as they might be acquainted with the basics the management.The arts and also science students should have a simple knowledge about the course and on current events for GD/PI.Youtube videos on preparing because that an interview can also be helpful.Keep you yourself updated with the food cut-off, application process, application deadline, applications fee etc. So the you don’t miss any type of important notifications.

BBA Aviation: What is that about?

Check the mentioned listed below points to know more about BBA Aviation course details:

BBA Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate regime that deals with the examine of the airport, business, airlines, and also every element of the aviation industry.The food gives detailed knowledge about air transport, plane operations, gaue won accounting, passenger forecasting, marketing, airport planning, etc.It has subjects choose financial accounting, organization communication, cost & administration accounting, airline marketing management, Cargo introductory course, airline & plane management, etc.The students follow this course have strong managerial an abilities in aviation management. The course also teaches them to have a solid sense of service to passengers, an excellent communication, and interpersonal skills.The food prepares student for various job opportunities available in the aviation industry, from managing, marketing, passenger forecasting, and other together services.

Course levelUndergraduate
Full formBachelors of Business management in Aviation
Duration3 years
EligibilityPassed 10+2 through minimum 50% aggregate.
Admission ProcessMerit-based, followed by one interview
Course feeINR 70,000 come INR 400,000 annually
Average SalaryINR 4 - 8 lakhs every annum
Job PositionsCredit manage manager, airport manager, routine manager, assistant plane manager, airport work manager, etc.
Areas that employmentAirports, airlines, flight schools, Airline insurance allowance companies, Sales & heralding companies, education institutes, etc.
Top Recruiting CompaniesAir India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, wait Costa, waiting Heritage, air Deccan, air India Charters Ltd, SpiceJet, IndiGo, etc

Why study BBA Aviation?

In today’s generation, time is the most valuable thing and also the aviation market plays a huge component in saving time through providing rapid transportation.

The aviation sector is farming immensely, for this reason opening up various exciting avenues for BBA Aviation graduates.

Here are few of the exciting points to know why researching BBA Aviation have the right to be useful:

BBA Aviation is an basic driver because that tourism and thus it considerably contributes to the economy of ours country.Thinking around aviation, human being usually think around becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. Yet there"s more to aviation, and also BBA aviation specifically teaches about managing this certain industry.The students are equipped with an abilities that are required to regulate the appropriate functioning in the plane and also the airlines.Along v managing, the aviation industry also requires branding. Since convincing human being to buy costly solutions is a challenge. Because of this BBA and MBA student are very required.The BBA Aviation graduates are open to various interesting job methods like credit regulate manager, plane manager, routine manager, assistant plane manager, airport work manager, etc.The course additionally provides them opportunities for acquiring jobs in fields other 보다 the aviation industry like product-based companies, heralding companies, marketing companies, logistics, etc.Candidates are recruited by top and also reputed Airline companies like Air India, India Jet Airways, Alliance Air, air Costa, wait Heritage. These providers offer an mean salary the INR 4 to 8 lakhs every annumThe graduates additionally become eligible to go for higher professional studies like MBA.
Course Comparison

Below is the comparison in between BBA Aviation vsBSc Aviation top top the basis of eligibility, admission process, outcomes, placement, job opportunities, etc.

ParametersBBA AviationBSc Aviation
QualificationBachelor of Business administration in AviationBachelor of science in Aviation
Course OverviewBBA Aviation offers in-depth knowledge around air transport, airplane operations, passenger forecasting,etc. But the method of the food is through monitoring perspective.With subjects taught like air transport, airplane operations, passenger forecasting,etc.BSc Aviation is readily available on a much more scientific approach.
Duration3 Years3 Years
EligibilityPassed 10+2 with minimum 50% aggregate.candidates must have actually completed 10+2 with subjects prefer Physics, Chemistry and also Mathematics with a minimum that 50% marks.
Admission ProcessMerit-based, complied with by one interviewMerit-based/Entrance-based
Average yearly FeesINR 70,000 to INR 4,00,000 annuallyINR 40,000 come INR 2,00,000 annually
Top CollegesAIMS Institute, BangaloreKristu Jayanti College, BangaloreHindustan institute of technology & science (HITS), ChennaiIIKM service School, ChennaiFIP"s institute of Aviation and also Aviation Safety, Andhra Pradesh Aviation Academy, college of Mumbai, Flytech Aviation Academy, etc
Average annual SalaryINR 4 - 8 lakhs every annumINR 3 - 6 lakhs every annum


Source: University Website and also Payscale

BBA Aviation Colleges

There are numerous colleges that offer BBA Aviation. Some of the top BBA Aviation colleges in India are discussed below:

College NameCityAverage annual Fees (INR)Average annual Salary (INR)
AIMS InstituteBangaloreINR 2,28,0008 LPA
Kristu Jayanti CollegeBangaloreINR 80,000INR 5.5 LPA
Hindustan institute of an innovation & science (HITS)ChennaiINR 9,02,200INR 10 LPA
IIKM business School, ChennaiChennaiINR 95,000INR 5 LPA
Jagannath UniversityBahadurgarhINR 75,000INR 8.65 LPA
yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra open up University- NashikINR 72,000INR 5.75 LPA
University the Petroleum and Energy research studies DehradunINR 2, 24,000INR 9 LPA
G D Goenka UniversityGurgaonINR 2,06,000-
Hillside business SchoolBangaloreINR 51,333INR 6 LPA

College comparison

There are miscellaneous colleges that sell BBA Aviation. Mentioned listed below is the to compare of some of the peak BBA Aviation colleges, based on ranking, mean fees, mean salary, etc.

ParametersAIMS InstituteHindustan institute of an innovation & ScienceIIKM business School
OverviewIt has actually been ranked among top b-schools in the country. They sell undergraduate and also postgraduate process in management, science, and also humanities.It is a understood university and also offers UG, PG, and also doctorate process in the ar of engineering, management, science, arts, and also commerce.It is the more quickly transforming B-school the offers sector oriented program in assorted streams of management education.
Business this particular day Ranking67102147
Average annual FeeINR 2,28,000INR 9,02,200INR 95,000
Average annual PackageINR 8 LPAINR 10 LPAINR 5 LPA
Top recruitersFederal bank, Canbank Factor, Deloitte Consulting, Mahindra & Mahindra Finance, Disha Investment, Finance World, HDFC, etc.Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, CSS Group, Amazon, etc.Axis Bank, Airtel, TCS, HCL, reliance Industries, conventional Chartered, UK Trade, Mahindra Satyam, matrix Telecom, etc.


Source: college Website

BBA Aviation Syllabus

BBA Aviation is a 6 semesters course. The food starts with former learning languages, adhered to by the fundamentals that management and also Aviation.

As the semesters pass, the intricacy of subjects boosts gradually. Below is the semester wise subjects taught throughout the research of the course:

Semester ISemester IISemester IIISemester IVSemester VSemester VI
Introduction to administration & leadership (Online)Organizational Behavior
Introduction to Aviation IndustryBusiness business economics I
Business MathematicsBusiness Statistics
Business AccountingIATA take trip & Tourism(Foundation)
Business interaction IEnrichment course
Business ComputingPrinciples that Management
Community service ICommunity company II
Marketing ManagementBusiness interaction II
Research Methodology & Report WritingConsumer actions Market Research
Airport functions of AirlinesCargo Handling
Financial ManagementProgramme Elective 1
Business business economics IIMarket Research
Open Elective IOpen Elective 2
Essential of strategy ManagementAirport client Services
International BusinessAviation Marketing
Understanding that Aviation BusinessHuman resource Management
Dissertation IDissertation II
Summer InternshipSummer Internship
Industry tour ReportIndustry tour Report
Programme Elective 2Programme Elective 3

Aviation security AwarenessAir Ticketing & Fare Construction
Basic Ramp SafetyCustomer connection Management
Crew resource ManagementAirline declaring & Sales Promotion
Services MarketingEntrepreneurship Development

BBA Aviation task prospects and Career options

There are plenty of job alternatives after perfect BBA in Aviation. The graduates can get jobs in the location of plane Manager, Airport operation manager, etc.

They are offered a salary package around INR 4-8 lakhs every annum. The salary usually rises with experience and greater academics.

The prime locations of employment space in airports, airlines, flight schools, Airline insurance allowance companies, Sales & declaring companies, education institutes, etc.

Some the the BBA Aviation project profiles together with the description and average value package are discussed below:

Job profilesDescriptionAverage salary Package
Airline Contracting ManagerContract supervisors work in a variety of industries and negotiate any kind of contract in between the business and also the client. Airline contracting managers specially negotiate contracts for the airline industry.INR 9 LPA
Airport work ManagerThey will be managing airport security, logistics, and also airport emergency procedures. They will be responsible because that the security & welfare of managers, pilots, airplane staff,, and regulatory agencies. They will certainly be the an initial point of contact for various other administrators, airline officials, and also the public.INR 6.5 LPA
Assistant airplane ManagerThey assist the manager to bring out bureaucratic responsibilities. They space in charge of maintaining employees, plane equipment, airplane tenant relations, or any type of other airport-related work.INR 7.57 LPA
Assistant TeacherThey have the right to work in assisting the an elderly teachers in the flight school or service school.INR 4 LPA
Credit control ManagerThey assist the businesses to manage their financial accounts by monitoring and also documenting any pending payments.INR 5 LPA


Source: Payscale

BBA Aviation Scope

The graduates have choices to either go for a job in management and also operation in the airside activities of the aviation industry or go for further studies.

The future scope ~ the perfect of the course is vast. Some of the further options of studies are:

Pursuing a BBA Aviation course and to stay continual in the ar is lucrative due come the adhering to reasons:

India’s airlines has recently registered a profit of united state $122 million.The federal government of India has additionally approved the construction of 18 green field airports in the country with one estimated cost of Rs. 30,000 cr.

BBA Aviation FAQs

Ques. How room admissions conducted for BBA Aviation?

Ans. The admissions are usually carried out on the basis of merit, i.e, based on the marks score in class XII.

Ans. The candidates using for the course should have actually passed class XII v at the very least 50% accumulation from a well-known university.

Ans. several of the Ranking Colleges giving the course are:

Kristu Jayanti College, BangaloreHindustan institute of an innovation & scientific research (HITS), ChennaiJagannath University

Ans. The average cost to examine BBA Aviation in India arrays from INR 70,000 come INR 400,000 annually.

Ans. Yes, there is a difference. In general BBA, normal administration courses room taught, whereas, in BBA Aviation, aviation-related topics space taught in semester 5 to 6.

Ans. Yes, BBA Aviation has great scope and offered about 1 lakh job opportunities in the aviation industry.

Ans. Some of the task options easily accessible are wait Freight management Trainees, Airport procedure Manager, Assistant Manager - Airline Reservations, combine - inside Sales, Customer service Assistant – Aviation Operation, Trainee Aero Parts, etc.

Ques. What is the typical salary package easily accessible after BBA Aviation?

Ans. The median salary is about INR 4 - 6 lakhs every annum.

Ques. What space the future study choices after BBA Aviation?


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few of the future study alternatives include basic MBA, MBA in Aviation, Mba in Air travel Management, Mba in Airline Management, etc.