This setup is easily accessible only ~ above PS3™ solution that are equipped through the wireless LAN feature.

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Set the an approach for connecting the mechanism to the Internet. Internet link settings vary relying on the network environment and also the devices in use. The adhering to procedure defines a typical setup once connecting come the net wirelessly.













Check the the setups for the access point have been completed.Check the there is an access point connected to a network with Internet business near the system. Setups for the access point space typically set using a PC. For details, contact the person who set up or maintains the access point.

Confirm that an Ethernet cable is not linked to the PS3™ system.



Select .


Select .A list of accessibility points in ~ the range of the PS3™ system is displayed.Depending ~ above the version of PS3™ system in use, you may have actually the option . Pick once using an access point the supports automatic setup. If you monitor the on-screen instructions, the important settings will certainly be completed automatically. For info on access points that support automatic setup, call your neighborhood retailer.


Select the access point that you desire to use.An "SSID" is an identification name assigned to an accessibility point. If you execute not understand which SSID you should use or if one SSID is not displayed, call the human who set up or maintains the accessibility point for assistance.


Check the SSID for the accessibility point.

Select the security settings the you desire to use.The species of security settings vary depending upon the access point. Call the human being who set up or maintains the access point for info on which setup to select.


Enter the encryption key.The encryption vital is presented as a series of <*>. If you do not understand the encryption key, contact the human being who set up or maintains the accessibility point because that assistance.


When you have finished beginning the encryption an essential and have shown the network configuration, a list of setups will be displayed.Depending on the network environment, added settings because that PPPoE, proxy server or IP address may be required. Because that details on these settings, describe the information from her Internet service provider or the instructions provided with the network device.

Save your settings.

Test the connection.If you pick , the system will effort to affix to the Internet.

Confirm the connection test results.If a successful link has been made, info on the network will be displayed.

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HintsIf the connection fails, follow the on-screen accuse to check your settings. Also refer come the information from her Internet company provider and the instructions offered with the network device in use.If you check the connection automatically after selecting > in step 7, the router settings might not be completed and the connection may fail. Wait around 1 or 2 minutes prior to testing the connection.