The Greek thinker Thales and also the roman poet Juvenal both wrote about the method in which physical health and mental wellness are intertwined, seeking the right of a “sound mind in a sound body.”

With youngsters heading back to school and settling right into their loss routines, schools continue to struggle with just how to ensure that their students room able to accomplish a sound mind in a sound body. Because that schools, academic achievement is measure up by standardized experimentation focus top top “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” and the “No boy Left Behind” education and learning law the 2001 added pressures on school districts to carry out in order to be funded.

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A report approve by the academy of Medicine, Educating the college student Body: acquisition Physical activity and Physical education and learning to School, emphasize those pressures, finding the 44 percent of college administrators had cut significant time from physical education and also recess to rise time spent in reading and also math because passage that the No child Left Behind Act.

A testimonial of the study looking at the connections between fitness and academic achievement present that cutting physical task can it is in detrimental to scholastic achievement. Instead, study would support adding an ext physical activity before, during and also after the school day to ensure kids are active, focused and ready to learn. Some vital studies space highlighted below:

Many the the above research selections specify active transportation programs as a to win strategy helping to accomplish the necessary physical task kids require each day—helping make the situation for Safe courses to School. Together our Greek and Roman ancestors knew lengthy ago: A sound mental in a sound body go together!

Jane Ward, MD, MPH is our research study advisor, responsible for updating our research section and also blogging on research study topics. She completed a career in the united state Air force as a pediatric ophthalmologist v a solid interest in international humanitarian work. She lifelong interest in fitness and active living led she to pursue a master of Public health with a emphasis on Physical task and the built environment. For she MPH internship in the feather of 2012, she bicycled cross-country advocating and also fundraising because that Safe courses to School and also the organization of American Bicyclists Bicycle familiar America programs.

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She is one Assistant Professor in ~ the Uniformed solutions University of wellness Sciences and also retains close ties with the George Washington college Department of practice Science. She enjoys bicycling because that fun and transportation, triathlons, travel and spending time with family and friends on energetic vacations.