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because that everyday motorists who perform routine maintenance on their vehicle every 3,000-5,000 miles.* fram Extra guard is engineered for use with conventional oil. The Nitrile Anti-Drainback Valve hold engine oil because that lubrication at start-up. Model: PH3506.Fits the adhering to vehicles: 86-83 American Motors, Blue Bird, 98-96 Buick, 90-75 Buick, 06-04 Buick Truck, 06-77 Cadillac, 06-02 Cadillac Truck, 82-80 Checker, Chevrolet, 06-96 Chevrolet, 90-80 Chevrolet, 12-99 Chevrolet/GMC Truck, 84-83 Chevrolet/GMC Truck, 81-79 Chevrolet/GMC Truck, Collins, Eldorado Bus, Girardin, GMC (Gasoline), 04-03 GMC (Gasoline), 01-99 GMC (Gasoline), GMC tool Duty Truck, 07-03 GMC tool Duty Truck, 12-99 GMC Truck, Goshen Coach, 06-03 Hummer, Indmar (Marine), Isuzu, 08-03 Isuzu, 08 Isuzu Truck, 06-03 Isuzu Truck, 86-81 Jeep Truck, Mid Bus, 03-95 Oldsmobile, 90-77 Oldsmobile, 04-02 Oldsmobile Truck, 06-04 Pontiac, 02-96 Pontiac, 89-77 Pontiac, 06-05 Saab Truck, 00-99 Shelby, Startrans Bus, Thomas, tortoise Top, U.S. Bus Corp.*Follow recommended readjust intervals as noted in your car owner"s manual.

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Consumer article HeightConsumer item WidthConsumer items LengthConsumer Product capacity Or VolumeType Of liquid FilterShipping By air ProhibitedDescription 4 (Warranty Information)Advertised OriginCapacity/VolumeConsumer article WeightBrandWidthMilitary clothes (Y/N)WeightDepthCare InformationHeightProduct Depth (in.)LengthPackage SizePackage ContentsModel NumberModel Name
30 days
Made in the USA
1 Ct
3.1 Inch
.543 Pounds
3.098 Inch
3.098 in.
3.509 Inch
( 1 ) fram Extra guard Spin-on Oil Filter
Fram extr Guard Oil Filter