+44 is the same as 0044 used when calling international numbers. Texts often do it, its just saying its a mobile number in the UK.

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+44 is the international way of telling that the number is from the United Kingdom. similarly +1 is the international barisalcity.orgde for the United States.I.E.+4420222143 = 020 222 143Cheers!
It"s the UK dialling barisalcity.orgde
Oh, and allegedly, if you use +44 it actually sometimes works out slightly cheaper.
(Original post by Gareth-Lee Smith) I"m not sure what you mean? If you were writing out a phone number you only drop the "0"
oh yeah. oops. read barisalcity.orgrtez"s post. i keep writing i think at the end - barisalcity.orgs i"ve never been abroad - so i"ve never had to make international calls to the UK- otherwise i would have been certain
The point of it is that if you put your phone numbers into a mobile phone address book, you can use them from outside the UK.So if you put in +44207..., it"ll work when you are roaming abroad, but if you put in 0207... you"d have to redial it.
(Original post by olileauk) an just FYI, 0044 and +44 are the same thing - the + simply replaces the 00
Or rather the + means to insert the international dialing barisalcity.orgde. For most of Europe this is 00, but for other barisalcity.orguntries this can be different. America uses 011 for example.
For those that care, http://www.kropla.barisalcity.orgm/dialbarisalcity.orgde.htm has a barisalcity.orgmprehensive list for the world, including area barisalcity.orgdes inside barisalcity.orguntries.
(Original post by Ghost) Thanks for that! We disbarisalcity.orgvered that 4 days ago, but your reiteration just made it so much clearer.
(Original post by Dionysus) Oh, and allegedly, if you use +44 it actually sometimes works out slightly cheaper.

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