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We obtain commissions because that purchases make from our affiliates through web links in this article. Learn More.

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Last update On: September 15, 2021

We acquire commissions for purchases make from ours affiliates through links in this article. Find out More.

Bottom heat Recommendation

Despite being the an ext affordable option, 14kt yellow looks every bit as classy as any kind of of the various other metals. One of our readers placed this $20,000 diamond right into a 14kt white gold setup from James Allen and it looked absolutely stunning.

14K yellow is wonderful choice for an engagement ring or any kind of other item of fine jewelry. As a beautiful and also durable metal, 14K yellow is also reasonably priced. The shade of gold you decision on should generally be based on an individual preference, skin tone and also current fashion. Think about a yellow gold setting like this pave engagement ring indigenous James Allen, this solitaire rose gold setup from James Allen or this white gold halo setup like this native James Allen. For assistance in picking a stunning setting or diamond, be certain to call our experts.

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What is 14K Gold?

Represented by the chemistry symbol Au and also atomic number 79, gold is a naturally emerging element. As the many malleable of all metals, gold renders for an ideal material when developing fine jewelry. 14K gold is a mixture consisting primarily of gold, mixed with durable metals such as zinc, nickel and also copper in addition to a rhodium plating. Gold by chin is reasonably soft, so the alloy steels strengthen the composition. 14 Karat specifically describes the steel mix that is 58.3% gold, compared with 18 Karat that is 75% gold. 14K yellow is supplied for engagement rings, forever bands, pendants, earrings and also other fine jewelry pieces. V 14K gold, the steel is beautiful but likewise durable for day-to-day wear.

Is 14K yellow Real?

Yes. 14K gold is absolutely real gold. Contradictory to renowned belief, almost no jewelry (and absolutely no engagement rings, earrings or various other pieces that room worn frequently) are made utilizing 100% pure, 24K gold.

The reason for this is simple: pure, 24K yellow is exceptionally soft, making it straightforward to scratch, warp and also bend. We’ve explained this in greater detail below, in addition to why 14K yellow is normally the best form of gold for an engagement ring.

Identifying 14K Gold

If she shopping for an engagement ring or other gold jewelry online or in a store, identifying a item that’s made making use of 14K yellow is easy — simply look in ~ the item’s description or tag. 

Outside of a keep environment, there space several means to recognize a ring or various other piece the jewelry together being made from 14K gold. The easiest way is come look for a stamp that lists the piece’s metal mixture. 

The stamp used to a item of yellow jewelry is dubbed a “hallmark.” Hallmark regulations date earlier to the 13th century and also were used historically to safeguard gold buyers before wide-scale gold purity testing ended up being available. 

Gold stamps have the right to vary from country to country. In the US, gold jewelry doesn’t require to have a stamp indicating that purity in bespeak to it is in legally offered — instead, the item’s karatage demands to be marked somewhere close come the piece, such as its packaging.

However, most high top quality 14K yellow rings and also other items are still stamped for purity using a variety of various hallmarks. 

Below, we’ve noted some the the most usual 14K gold stamps, follow me with added information on what each rubber stamp means:

14K or 14Kt. As you might expect, this stamps stand for “14 karat.” some manufacturers stamp your gold v “K,” if others usage “Kt” however both means the exact same thing. 14K is one of the most common stamps supplied to show that an engagement ring, wedding tape or various other gold jewelry is do from 14K gold. 14K through a particular country. Some nations have product labeling regulations that require a nation of beginning to it is in stamped onto jewelry because that export. Part gold commodities could also be stamped v a specific city, an ar or assay office’s hallmark. 14K through a agency logo. Favor the plain 14K stamp, this simply means that the piece is do from 14K gold. 14K P. This stamp represents “14 karat plumb gold.” In this case, “plumb” has a definition similar to “complete.” This stamp means that the piece includes at the very least 14K the pure gold per 24 parts, no less. 14K 585, or just “585.” This stamp refers to the amount of yellow in the alloy per 1,000 units. 14K gold consists of 58.3% pure gold, or 583 grams every thousand, and as such supplies a “585” stamp to present its purity.
This two-tone solitaire engagement ring in a perfect systems for those who can’t decide in between 14K Yellow Gold and 14K White Gold

If you’ve been doing the mathematics in her head for that last example, you might have noticed the it doesn’t do a lot of sense. After ~ all, if 14K yellow is 58.3% pure gold, do not do it it be usage a “583” stamp instead of a “585” one? 

The factor for the 585 stamp is that many manufacturers develop their 14K gold to be contempt purer 보다 the 14 the end of 24 components standard. This is a renowned European exercise that’s adhered to by many producers of gold jewelry, hence the “585” stamp.

You might also see a “583” stamp used to mark some gold jewelry. As with the “585” stamp, a “583” stamp means that a ring, watch or various other piece of jewelry is made making use of 14K gold. 

The price of yellow jewelry stamped 585 or 583 is similar to that of yellow stamped with 14K or a comparable marking — yes no distinction in price, value or purity. 

It’s important to know that there are other common gold stamps that incorporate the hatchet “14K” that may not show a piece is do from 14K gold. These incorporate the following:

14K GP. The “GP” in this stamp represents “gold plated.” It way that the jewelry has a plated layer of 14K gold, yet isn’t hard gold. 14K GEP or 14K GE. The “GE” or “GEP” in this stamp stands for “gold electroplated.” It suggests that the jewel is plated through 14K gold via electroplating — a process in i m sorry a slim layer the 14K gold is used to the base steel using an electric current. 14K GF. The “GF” in this stamp means “gold-filled.” This way that an external layer of yellow is wrapped roughly a base steel to provide the item a yellow exterior. Prefer 14K GP, 14K GEP or 14K GE, this stamp suggests that a ring is not solid 14K gold. 

As we discussed above, no all nations require manufacturers of gold jewelry to stamp their products. As such, if a piece of yellow jewelry no stamped, this doesn’t necessarily typical that it isn’t 14K yellow (or 10K, 18K or any other typical gold purity level). 

It’s also important come be mindful that part gold jewelry have the right to be stamped using a dishonest purity hallmark. For example, some unscrupulous jewel manufacturers could stamp a item with a “14K” hallmark, also if the piece is only gold plated.

This is only typical in countries without strict hallmarking laws, or in much less reputable markets for jewelry. In general, you’ll only should worry around this if friend buy yellow jewelry second hand, or if girlfriend shop in one unregulated setting (for example, a yard sale or street market).

14K gold Purity

Because pure yellow is also soft to be worn everyday, it is crucial to produce a metal mixture when using gold because that jewelry. 14K gold is an alloy composition made that gold and durable metals like zinc, nickel, silver and copper in addition to a rhodium plating. This sturdy mix is resistant come corrosion, rust and also tarnish.

Karatage, i beg your pardon is to express in 24ths and designated by a number complied with by “k,” denotes the purity level the the gold. 24K gold, for example, is 100% gold. 18K yellow is 75% gold and also 14K gold is 58.3% gold.

Although a higher karat suggests a purer gold content, the also way a less resilient metal. For this reason, 14K or 18K golds space usually offered for engagement and wedding rings.


When picking a 14K gold setting, you’ll notice three options: white gold, climbed gold and also yellow gold. If similar, each color differs in composition. The type of steel alloys used and percentage of every metal shows what shade the gold is.

Selecting the color of gold for your engagement ring or jewelry have to be based mainly on personal preference, although composition and also price may play a small function in your decision. Because that example, us recommended a white gold setup to among our readers. They finished up going v this rose gold pave setting and a two carat diamond native James Allen and, together you deserve to see, they made great choice.

14K White Gold

Very certain – very unique. These 14K White yellow bezel studs room a an excellent choice for an unordinary person.

White gold is a mixture the pure gold and white metals like silver, nickel and also palladium, usually v a rhodium coating. 14K white yellow is a an excellent choice of steel that looks an especially stylish on people with rosy or fair skin.

Advantages that 14K white gold:

Currently much more popular than yellow goldMore affordable 보다 platinum (but provides a similar color)Mixed through stronger steels than a yellow yellow alloy, do it much more durable and scratch-resistantComplements white barisalcity.org better than yellow yellow (according to part vendors and buyers)Complements rose or fair skin tones

Disadvantages that 14K white gold:

Requires dipping every couple of years to retain its color and also luster, and to change its rhodium plating. This maintain process, though, is inexpensive and many jewelers offer it together a complimentary service.Usually has actually nickel in the mixture, causing allergic reaction for part wearers. White gold is no hypoallergenic unless combined with alloys other than nickel.

14K White yellow Price

The different colors the 14K yellow (white, yellow and also rose) nothing differ substantially in price. In spite of looking comparable to an ext expensive steels such as platinum, 14K white gold is fairly an affordable steel that normally offers very an excellent value for money. 

We’ve defined the price of 14K white yellow in more detail additional down the web page in our ar on 14K yellow pricing. In general, girlfriend shouldn’t have to pay any an ext for one engagement ring in 14K white gold than in any type of other gold shade of identical karatage.

14K Yellow Gold

The beautiful shade of these 14K Yellow gold princess cut stud earrings will certainly be the facility of fist in anybody’s ears.

Yellow yellow is developed of pure gold and alloy metals like zinc and copper.

Advantages the 14K yellow gold:

It’s the many hypoallergenic that the three gold typesHistorically the most famous metal because that wedding and also engagement bandsWorks well because that vintage format settingsRepresents the purest color of every gold typesIs the easiest gold color to keep over time is the most malleable and also easiest because that jewelers to manipulateComplements olive and darker skin tones

Disadvantages that 14K yellow gold:

Must it is in polished and cleaned frequently to keep its beautyIs subject to scratches and dents

14K climbed Gold

Rose yellow refers to and encompasses the totality family that red, rose and pink shades of gold. V these colors, pure gold is alloyed v copper to create the rose color. The an ext copper current in the mixture, the redder the yellow appears. Similar to white gold, “pure rose gold” doesn’t exist—it is always an alloy.

Advantages that 14K increased gold:

In format for both men’s and women’s ringsConsidered to be the most romantic metal as result of its pinkish-red hueUsually an ext affordable than various other metals because copper prices less than various other alloysVery durable due to copper’s toughness (rose yellow is slightly tougher 보다 white or yellow gold)Complements all skin tones

Disadvantages that 14K climbed gold:

Is no a hypoallergenic metal, i beg your pardon can reason allergic reactions for some wearersNot as widely obtainable as white or yellow gold, also though the in style

How much Does a 14K Diamond Ring Cost?

In general, the price of a 14K engagement ring setting can variety from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of setup you choose. Solitaire setups in 14K gold have tendency to it is in the most affordable, while more ornate settings can be significantly more costly.

Not sure just how much you should set aside for a 14K gold engagement ring? 14K yellow is the most popular selection of engagement ring metal, largely as result of the fact that it offers a comparable look and superior durability to 18K yellow at a reduced price. 

We’ve explained this in much more detail below, through several instances of 14K yellow diamond ring to offer you a full idea of how much you must spend ~ above a setting. 

The price the a diamond ring can vary tremendously based upon two factors. The very first is the kind of steel that you pick (for example, 14K gold) for the setting. The 2nd is the size and also quality the the diamond you choose to collection in the ring.

We’ve extended diamond prices in ours price article, so stop look in ~ the lot you’ll spend for the setting.

When looking at the price that 14K gold, that often beneficial to to compare it to other fine steel types: platinum and 18K gold.

Generally speaking, 14K gold will be much less expensive than both of these options, as it contains a lower percentage of gold relative to its other alloy metals. The will also be considerably cheaper than a platinum setting. 

For example, the platinum setting for this solitaire ring from Blue Nile expenses $990. A similar 18K white gold setting, like this one indigenous Blue Nile, prices $740, when this similar 14K gold setup from Blue Nile only prices $410. 14K gold supplies durability and also beauty while being the most affordable of fine jewel metals.

The price that 14K yellow doesn’t adjust much as soon as it comes to color. Because that instance, this white gold solitaire setup from Brian Gavin costs $440, a comparable ring in yellow gold from Blue Nile prices $410 and also a similar setting in increased gold from James Allen is priced at $420.

Overall, you have to expect to spend about 20-35% less for a 14K yellow solitaire engagement ring setup than you would certainly for a similar setting in 18K gold. 

For a pavé, gloriole or side stone ring, there’s typically a smaller difference in pricing in between 14K and 18K gold. This is due to the fact that the gold supplied to do the ring accounts because that a smaller portion of that is price, with the side, aur or pavé barisalcity.org bookkeeping for more.

For example, this 14K white gold petite pavé engagement ring native James Allen costs $960. The very same ring made from 18K white gold from James Allen costs $1,150, do the 14K ring proper 16% cheaper.

For settings with even much more barisalcity.org, the price difference in between 14K and also 18K gold have the right to get even smaller. For example, this white gold halo engagement ring, which features nearly 1 carat of little barisalcity.org, costs $5,100 in 14k gold and also $5,470 in 18k yellow — a mere 7% difference. 

In short, a 14K gold diamond ring is around 20-35% cheaper 보다 the identical ring do from 18K gold. However, the value benefit offered through 14K gold becomes smaller once barisalcity.org and other features begin to affect the price of the setting. 

When is 14K yellow the right Choice?

The steel you pick for her jewelry should depend greatly on appearance, but likewise on longevity and also cost. 14K gold is affordable compared to platinum and 18K yellow options, do it wonderful choice for plenty of budgets. 14K gold is appropriate for engagement rings, but also pendants, bracelets, earrings, promise rings, and also other fine jewelry pieces.

When it pertains to determining the color of gold because that an engagement ring, you’ll want to make certain the diamond look at white in relation to its setting. Because that instance, this J colored Oval diamond indigenous Blue Nile, which sometimes has actually a slim tint, watch white in relationship to that is 14K yellow gold setting. Yellow yellow is often a good match for a stone with a lower color grade. This G shade graded diamond from James Allen bag well with a white yellow setting, despite would definitely still look colorless in yellow or rose gold together well.

No matter the color you choose, 14K yellow is an ideal an option for jewel that will certainly be worn daily and carries special meaning.

Popular 14K gold jewelry

14K gold continues to be the most popular metal because that engagement rings, at nearly 90% of all rings sold. It is durable, not quickly tarnished and beautiful in any color.

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14K yellow engagement ring inspiration

14k gold chain inspiration

14K earrings inspiration

14K arm bands inspiration

To produce the perfect ring or an additional piece of fine jewelry, reach the end to our specialists who can aid you uncover the highest possible quality barisalcity.org and also 14K gold—all while remaining within budget.