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Have part old yellow jewelry and also need some cash? Here"s exactly how to discover out what it"s worth prior to you market it …


Many stores and also websites will pay girlfriend for your jewelry based (mainly) ~ above its precious metal content. Because that those the advertise online, they turn off you a postage-paid envelope, you mail in your valuables, and also a couple of days later you get a check and ride off into the sunset.

That"s how it"s claimed to work, anyway. Some people will be, shall us say, a little bit disappointed v the dimension of the check.

Gold jewelry is normally valued in ~ scrap

This stands come reason. Cash for gold locations will value your jewelry at scrap content. Nevertheless of the sentimental worth to you, lock don"t place any value ~ above that. (Nothing versus your great aunt Gertrude; I"m certain she to be a good lady and that necklace is certainly beautiful!)

Additionally, they"re not going come — well, can"t — give civilization top dissension for your stuff due to the fact that they have to (a) pay for shipping, (b) pay human being to value your stuff, (c) salary to reduced the check and mail it, and (d) put food top top the table. Girlfriend pay for the convenience of selling your jewelry by throwing that in one envelope.

How lot is my gold jewelry worth?

So, exactly how do you figure out what her gold jewelry is worth? First, girlfriend look because that the stamp on that to check out what it"s make of. Here"s few of what you can find:

Three numbers. Put a decimal allude between the middle and also last digit, and you have the purity of the precious metal in percent. So a yellow chain stamped with “375” would certainly be 37.5% precious metal or 9-karat gold. One stamped through “585” is 58.5% or 14-karat gold. “916” is 22k gold, the conventional for plenty of gold coins. “Pure” gold might be designated “990” or “999” if it"s gone through some an ext refining.10k, 14k … or 18ct, 24ct. Pure yellow (99% or higher) is “24 karat.” therefore 10-karat yellow is 10/24, or 41.7% gold. 14-karat yellow is 14/24, or 58.5% gold. This marking is likewise called “solid gold” yet it does not necessarily median pure gold — simply that it has actually the very same alloy throughout.1/20 14k, or 14kgf. This is “gold filled” which, unfortunately, go not mean “filled through gold” yet instead “gold, filled through something else.” The 1/20 method that the weight of the yellow is at least 1/20th, or 5%, the the complete weight. The letters “gf” in the second example shows that the piece is gold filled, but there is no gold load requirement.

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GE, HGE. Means “gold electroplate” (at the very least 7 millionths of one inch) and “heavy gold electroplate” (at the very least 100 millionths of an inch).

Second, you weigh the yellow jewelry. If it"s nothing but metal, then the remainder is easy. If there are gems, then it"s a little an ext complicated. Let"s take it an example. Speak you have a 14k yellow chain that with a fixed of 30 grams. (I"m a physicist through training, therefore “mass” and also “weight” aren"t the same thing, however I won"t give you a physics class now.