Saddle up her horses and get ready to head the end to the Fourth annual Haute Hoedown held by KidsSanctuary Campus, Inc. Benefiting children in our local foster treatment system, ensuring lock a far better and brighter future. The Haute Hoedown will function a saloon format welcome reception v signature drink cocktails, live entertainment, dinner, dancing, luxury raffle give-a-ways and many an ext surprises!

Not precisely sure what come wear to a Hoedown? No should worry. The JC west Wear team, a proud supporter and also sponsor that KidsSanctuary Campus, Inc., has all the insider information you need to understand on what-to-wear! You’ll present up ready to heat dance through the best of them. Well, you will do it at the very least LOOK choose you’re prepared to line dance v the ideal of them!

Whether you’ve been to a hoedown prior to or this is your an initial time, we’ve obtained some good outfit concepts to take it your simple plaid and Bolo Tie to the following level.


For the guys it’s as simple as making certain you’ve acquired these three crucial items when gaining ready come throw-down in ~ the hoedown: your cowboy hat, your boots, and last yet certainly not least, your belt. Cross each of this off your list as soon as putting together your outfit and also people will surely think girlfriend strolled in turn off your steed from your busy job on the ranch. Be certain to grab her favorite pair of jeans and pair them through a western layout button-up to put it every together. Any of ours Stetson or Scully or Wrangler west Wear shirts will suit you just right! Long-sleeve or short-sleeve, whichever girlfriend prefer but what will make girlfriend really stand out will certainly be the fist to detail; many western shirts feature beautiful hand embroidery top top the cuffs and also yokes. Don’t forget to complete off your outfit v a true cowboy Bolo Tie to yes, really seal the deal. As soon as you’ve got all of this put together you’re ready to lasso her lady ideal onto the dance floor!


Alright ladies, currently it’s your turn and also we’ve obtained some awesome ideas for you! placed that plaid shirt away and get all set to present off her true nation side. If you’re much more of an understated beauty type-of-gal, we’ve obtained you covered. Pair her favorite jeans v your many fashionable boots and you’re half way there. Tunics space all the rage best now and absolutely perfect come take any kind of pair of jeans to the next level. Our Union the Angels Dixie Tunic is ideal up your alley for this ensemble! dress up this outfit through a beautifully hand sewn vest adorned v some fringe and you’ll be certain to show off her western flare.

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Nothing forget the boot-bling, too!

For the gals that aren’t fear to display a small leg ours Union of Angels Blue Mindy dress is the perfect selection for you! Fun and also flirty v that country flare you’ve to be looking for; you will do it be spinning roughly the run floor all night long. If costume aren’t your thing don’t fret just yet! You have the right to pair this Marlee Shorts with just around any optimal for a cute and straightforward look or also take these R Cinco Ranch Crochet shorts and match them with a flowing tunic to better suit your style.

Check the end our website, or stop by either place today and our lovely staff will be sure you leave through the ideal attire for your haute hoedown!
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