Those of us lucky to be in a serious relationship usually understand that the word "love" is a word not to be taken lightly. Those that you in search of something serious are commonly guarding her hearts at the fear of love or the are afraid of words itself.

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The guy I love to know he is special, he knows that ns love the unconditionally, and I wouldn"t desire things any other way. Even if it is he to know or not, every so regularly he will certainly ask me one question that takes much more than just a few little words to answer, "Why carry out you love me?"

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And this is what I want to say.

1. I love you since you do me feeling beautiful in a horrible ugly world. Friend make emotion pretty easy, and that"s only because it is coming from you.

2. You check out every single side of me, also the sides that i don"t even want to have, and you still uncover a way to love me.

3. Ns love every one of you; also what you believe as a flaw, i don"t.

4. You do me smile as soon as I am prepared to beat you in the face, and also use her laugh as a taunting mechanism to do me happy again.

5. Girlfriend let me eat, to buy me food, cook me food, and much more about food

6. You"re no afraid come tell me how you really feel, and you make certain that mine self-worth does no fall shorter than it ever before should. Not also close.

7. You made me realize how happy i make myself and how much I worthy to smile even when friend can"t do me.

8. You recognize everything about me, and you"re in love with it.

9. Girlfriend love your mom with every one of your heart.

10. You clock my favorite reflects with me -- you really do.

11. Friend ask me because that advice and also call me once you"re hurting. If ns am upset, I execute the very same to you.

12. You know when I"m afraid, and you hold me together while I challenge my fears.

13. Friend love people, you actually care, and also you make certain that others are OK before yourself.

14. You piss me off, and you think it"s funny.

15. You adjust our hugs to mine liking and understand that periodically I just don"t want to permit go.

16. You never give up on something you collection your psychic to, also if you"re kicking your own butt to perform it.

17. You do it a point to make me smile, and you don"t let me leaving upset.

18. You support me in anything and also everything ns decide to do and assure me that no matter what you"re not going anywhere.

19. You make me laugh harder than I ever before have pretty much every day.

20. You know every an enig I hold, and also you save it close.

21. Friend never provide up ~ above me, or anything about me.

22. You are absolutely adorable. My confront when I check out yours is practically embarrassingly ecstatic.

23. You love my household so much, and they love you.

24. You never fail to do me so proud. Your decision to be effective will never ever stop being one of the most attractive things about you. I cannot wait to view where this stunner beautiful life bring away us and also keep loving you all the way through it. You"re mine forever.

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