Leopard geckos room insectivores, which way that your main source of food must be insects. However can leopard geckos eat anything various other than typical bugs? have the right to leopard geckos eat fish, meat, fruit and also vegetables, snails, spiders, hoppers, woodlice, crickets and so on? In this post, us will discuss what leopard geckos can and also cannot eat.

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Can leopard geckos eat anything various other than bugs?

No, leopard geckos should not eat anything various other than bugs. Bugs have to make a leopard gecko’s diet. Leopard geckos can’t eat any type of vegetables, fruit or salad. Other than insects, fuzzy mouse are allowed once a month for ovulating, gravid and also extremely underweight leopard geckos. Healthy and balanced leopard geckos should not be offered meat.

Can leopard geckos eat fish?

No, friend shouldn’t feed her leopard geckos any kind of fish, such together goldfish. Leopard geckos are desert reptiles, and also they don’t get to eat fish there. What is more, fish contain bones, that can choke or impact your leopard gecko. Fish is likewise high in fat and also protein, which is additionally not suitable. And also lastly, life fish can contain helminth that can make your leopard gecko sick.


Can mine leopard geckos eat fruit and also veg?

No, leopard geckos won’t eat any kind of fruit or veg. While some leopard geckos might shot some species of fruit, such together bananas or strawberries, that doesn’t mean that you need to feed her leopard gecko fruit and also veg.

Fruits space not an excellent for leopard geckos because of a high sugar and acid content. Very same goes through vegetables, such together a carrots or lettuce – leopard geckos won’t eat them. Leopard geckos don’t favor the taste that fruit and also veg, and they will just eat it if they space starving or need more moisture.


Can my leopard gecko eat wax worms?

Yes, leopard geckos have the right to eat wax worms, yet they are fairly fatty (around 25% fat). You have the right to offer them to growing, underweight or gravid leopard geckos once a week (1-2 worms).

Adult leopard geckos deserve to enjoy a act of waxworms once in two weeks. Wax worms the you deserve to offer might be pupae or adult moths (they have the right to fly).

Be careful when offering to babies, wax worms are treats and your baby leopard gecko can become addicted and also a picky eater! for this reason it have the right to be far better to wait until your leopard gecko is approximately 3-4 months old prior to offering wax worms.


Can my leopard gecko eat woodlice?

Yes, leopard geckos can actually reap woodlice from time come time. Woodlice space only great for an sometimes treat due to the fact that of their tough shell. The shell, though, is high in calcium and also is an excellent for her leopard gecko.

Woodlice are regularly a perfect dimension to feed her adult leopard geckos, however you can offer smaller sized ones come juveniles (make certain they room not bigger than the width between the eye of your leopard gecko).


If you want to feeding woodlice to your leopard gecko, make sure that they room only captive bred. Captive bred woodlice have to be fed decomposing matter, irpari greens, old fruit and veg and kept on some moist necessary soil.

never feed woodlice directly from the wild – rather collect or buy some, and also then begin a colony. Then, feed the brand-new baby woodlice to her leopard gecko.

Can my leopard gecko eat spiders?

Feeding leopard geckos spiders has actually both confident and negative sides, therefore the prize is an ext no 보다 yes. Spiders might bring nasty bacteria and also viruses or might have eaten pesticide pce bugs.

What is more, spiders are tough to gut-load and are small to do a enjoy the meal for your leopard gecko. The only plus is that spiders move around and also your leopard gecko will reap chasing them. But likewise not everyone will say yes to managing a spider!

Can mine leopard gecko eat snails?

No, friend shouldn’t sell snails to your leopard gecko. Snails have difficult shells, which can cause impaction in leopard geckos. What is more, snails might bring lots that parasites and possibly, to be eating pesticide-sprayed feed.

even canned snails room not the best selection for leopard geckos, as they are not nutritious enough and won’t it is in moving. Leopard geckos don’t eat snails in the wild, so the is far better not to sell them in ~ all. Snails are more suitable for bigger lizards.

Can mine leopard gecko eat locusts/hoppers?

Locusts are good feeder insects for leopard geckos and are not high in fat for constant feeding (11%). The only problem is, they deserve to be fairly expensive to buy. Only buy captive bred locusts and gut-load and also dust them prior to feeding to her leopard gecko.

Locusts come in various sizes and also small-medium sized nymphs (8-20 mm) are often the most suitable ones. Leopard gecko deserve to eat between 2-10 locusts at a time depending upon age. Please note that lubber hoppers room toxic to leopard geckos.

Can my leopard gecko eat earthworms?

Earthworms carry out not do the ideal feeders insects because that leopard geckos. The trouble with earthworms is the they live in soil, and also are an extremely dirty. Earthworms eat decomposing vegetables, fruit and leaf matter. They can likewise consume fungi and also bacteria, and citrus fruits that space not an excellent for leopard geckos.

If you decide to provide your leopard gecko any kind of earthworms as treats, make certain to buy captive bred ones that have actually been gut-loaded and kept in suitable conditions. Never feed wild caught earthworms or other insects to your leopard gecko. Also, make sure to to wash them to remove dirt and also cut them together they room too long to it is in digested. Earthworms room not also fatty (7-10% fat).

Can my leopard gecko eat mealworms?

Yes, you deserve to feed leopard geckos mealworms. Don’t make mealworms staple feeder insects – that is far better to offer a diversity diet by adding other staple insects. Mealworms contain about 14% fat, compared to 6% in crickets and roaches. Feeding mealworms once a main to your leopard gecko is optimal.


Can mine leopard gecko eat mealworm beetles?

Feeding her leopard gecko any type of mealworms beetles (darkling beetles) is no a good idea. Mealworm beetles get large and have actually a thick covering that is difficult for your leopard gecko to digest. Beetles are additionally said to have a poisonous taste.

While nothing will occur to your leopard gecko if the eats one beetle (if it’s not bigger than the width in between the eyes), they space not the best feeder choices. Stick to mealworms in larvae state and also refrigerate lock to sluggish down the growth.

Can mine leopard gecko eat mealworm pupae?

You might try to feed her leopard gecko mealworm pupae, together they have comparable nutritional worth to larvae (small worms). However, not all leopard geckos will certainly eat mealworm pupae so you will should stick come larvae.

Can mine leopard gecko eat Morio worms (superworms)?

You deserve to feed her leopard gecko Morio worms (superworms), but only occasionally. Your leopard gecko demands to be at least 12 months old prior to you market superworms.

Superworms room fatty (17-19% fat), so offer only 1-2 worms once in two weeks to adults. Superworms can likewise bite your leopard gecko so only feed them through feeding tongs choose these.

Can mine leopard gecko eat hornworms?

Yes, leopard geckos have the right to eat hornworms. Hornworms room soft, contain many moisture and are quickly digestible. The is a good idea to feed hornworms only to adult leopard geckos, as hornworms are rather thick.

Buy tiny hornworms only, and also don’t store at room temperature together they can thrive overnight. ~ buying, store them at 55-60 levels Fahrenheit (12.7-15.5 Celsius), however not in the fridge as lock will gain too hard.

Can my leopard gecko eat crickets?

Yes, and crickets are one of the finest staple feeder insects for leopard geckos. Crickets space low in fat and also cheap to buy and also breed. Both hatchling, baby and also adult leopard geckos deserve to eat crickets, but you will need to pick crickets that space not bigger than the width in between your leopard gecko’s eyes.

Can mine leopard gecko eat silkworms?

Yes, silkworms are good feeder insects for leopard geckos, but they have the right to be rather expensive compared to other feeder insects, such as crickets and roaches. Yet if you can afford them, gain them come treat her leopard gecko and also to diversify its diet.

Can mine leopard gecko eat roaches?

Yes, leopard geckos can eat roaches and also they have the right to make clip feeder insects. There are various roaches that you have the right to feed to your leopard gecko, such as Madagascar hissing roaches, Dubia roaches, discoid roaches and also others.

Can mine leopard gecko eat Phoenix worms?

Yes, Phoenix worms make an excellent feeder insects because that leopard geckos. Phoenix worms, likewise called Calci-worms or black soldier paris larvae, have wonderful Ca:P ratio, also as an excellent levels of calcium.

This is why you don’t must gut-load or dust them with Ca and also Phosphorus. Read more on gut-loading insects and feeding Phoenix worms to her leopard gecko in this post.

Can my leopard gecko eat chicken?

Feeding her leopard gecko chicken is no a good idea. Leopard geckos are insectivores, therefore they don’t eat meat. Never ever feed life chicken to her leopard gecko, together it deserve to contain Salmonella and also other parasites.

But even cooked chicken is not suitable for leopard geckos – chicken is not nutritionally optimal because that them and also it contains too lot protein.

Can i feed my leopard gecko dog food or human being food?

Some civilization still questioning this question, and this is a strict no. Leopard geckos room strict insectivores, and any dog or human food will damage them greatly.

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Dog food contains too much protein, and also both dog and also human food has actually unbalanced ratios the vitamins and minerals for a leopard gecko. Dog food is processed and also not suitable at all for her leopard gecko.

Thank you for analysis this article. If you desire to learn more about leopard gecko’s diet, food choices, insect sizes and also many more, visit this post.