The talk display host said audience members she got a \"little breakfast procedure\" in ~ 6:30 a.m. Prior to filming Wednesday\"s illustration of The Wendy Williams Show



On Wednesday’s episode of her Fox talk show, the 55-year-old star went as far as showing close-up, graphic clip of her many recent procedure — Botox injections in she jawline — lot to the surprise of audience members.

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“This morning I obtained here at 6:30 because that a tiny breakfast procedure,” she stated at the start of the segment. “Roll the tape!”

The talk show host claimed the result of the backstage operation was a sharpened jawline and also “a small cheekbone native the back.” She walked onstage to tape she live present just a couple of hours later.

“Look, my medical professional is in the structure right now and also I’ve been dealing with her for much more years than this show was invented,” the notoriously open minded star said, advising she audience: “If you see something, do something. Don’t just assume that your skin don’t crack.”

“My medical professional is the bee’s knees. I know you look at the TV, you’re like, ‘Okay what the hell is Wendy doing? She talks about the tummy tuck.’ but that’s no Marion,” Williams explained. That’s year ago.”


The talk show host then revealed that she won’t be gaining any more plastic surgery from the neck down. As well as a breast reduction, which she claims she’ll obtain when she’s ready — “but ideal now, ns still prefer them.”

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Williams continued, “I’ve never gotten a challenge lift. And also you understand what, if you begin staving off at very early time, friend won’t require a challenge lift!”

“I walk to great old Marian like as soon as every 3 months and I say, ‘Look i’ve been staring in the magnifying thing.’ and also then she stares appropriate back,” she said. “She’s smart. She’s stylish. She’s really very simple on the eyes…And ns don’t mental sharing with you.”


The star admitted the facial actions she gets aren’t cheap, yet told the audience: “Well no was your Gucci bag therefore why don’t you just lay turn off the bags and also the boots and stuff and spend ~ above yourself,” she told the audience.

Towards the finish of Wednesday’s episode, Williams brought Shapiro on stage to perform some that her most innovative procedures and treatments (including endymed skin tightening, one infinity object lift and also a three-day body glow) on a few volunteers in former of the live audience.

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Williams has actually long to be candid about her cosmetic and also plastic surgeries, telling fans and also viewers that she gained liposuction and also a tummy tuck and also breast implants much more than two years ago.