Greasers wear blue jeans and T-shirts, leather jackets, and also sneakers or boots. They have long, greased hair and also leave your shirttails untucked. Socs stay clothes such together ski jackets, tan-colored jackets, wine-colored sweaters, and also striped, checkered, or madras shirts.

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Besides, what go the girl wear in the outsiders?

Wear tight sweaters, jeans and skirts to display off the body. Animal leather jackets and loop earrings are likewise a component of the greaser girl look.

Furthermore, where execute the SOCS live in the outsiders? The Socs live in the rich West next of city while the Greasers come from the poorer eastern Side.

alongside above, what are the SOCS favor in the outsiders?

about the Socs The Socs were the rich kids. They live on the West Side. The Socs were constantly getting drunk and looking because that fights v greasers. The Greasers constantly thought the the Socs had it far better than them, but they uncover out that the Socs are cool to the suggest of no feeling anything.

What perform SOC girl wear?

Socs wear clothing such together ski jackets, tan-colored jackets, wine-colored sweaters, and striped, checkered, or madras shirts. They room clean-shaven and have "semi-Beatle haircuts."

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What do greasers wear girls?

Choices the outerwear had denim or leather jackets (including Perfecto motorcycle jackets). Female greaser dress had leather jackets and also risque clothing, such as tight and also cropped capris and pedal pushers (broadly popular throughout the time period).

Did greasers undertake jean jackets?

Greaser Clothing
animal leather jackets, which were often worn end tee shirts, were another staple for greasers. Greasers likewise sometimes wore white tennis shoes such as Converse all Stars or black boots. Other fashion staples because that greasers contained denim jackets and flannel shirts.

Do greasers tuck your shirts?

Simplicity was an essential aspect that greaser fashion, and most men would wear level white or black t-shirts, undershirts or ringer t-shirts. Frequently greasers would roll increase the sleeves that their shirts and store a fill of cigarettes in the folds. These shirts can be tucked into a belt or left out.

What sport did Darry pat in school?

What sport walk Darry pat in school? Football and also was really an excellent at it.

What cars do the SOCS drive?

Cars allow the "Socs" to travel much faster than Greasers, giving them one advantage. Some well-known "Soc" cars space the Ford Mustang and also the Chevy Corvair.

Are over there still greasers roughly today?

Greasers are a society clique that began off in the 1950"s it"s dwindled a lot because then however there"s a kind of underground culture that"s still around today. If you"re concern is if greasers still exist favor they go in the 50"s the prize is a resounding N.O .

What is SOCS short for?

SoC. Stands for "System ~ above a Chip." an SoC (pronounced "S-O-C") is an integrated circuit that consists of all the forced circuitry and also components that an electronic system on a single chip.

How old is Cherry Valance?

16 year old

Who passed away in outsiders?

Dallas Winston, greaser and hood, dies once he is shooting by the police. His fatality is likely a suicide of sorts. After ~ Johnny dies, Dally is overwhelmed v grief and anger.

Is Tim Shepard A SOC or a greaser?

Tim Shepard A other greaser, but not a member of the main characters" gang. His greaser gang is rougher, and the members room termed "future convicts." he is both Dally"s main rival and also friend.

Do the SOCS smoke?

Fun- Again, both socs and gresers have fun. It"s different though. Socs enjoy beating up greasers and greasers reap hanging out together. Cigarettes- I put those on since they smoke them when they space anxious or at any time they want to.

How old is sandy in the outsiders?

Birthday Unknown
Age 17
Affiliation Greaser
Family Grandmother

Why do SOCS dislike greasers?

The Greasers and the Socs had actually a different way of living and also their hate towards each other is shown in various ways native both sides. The Socs hate the Greasers due to the fact that of the means they dress, the method they look, and the means they are, therefore they just walk up to them and beat them.

Why walk Darry cry in the hospital?

When Pony looks in ~ Darry the sees that he is crying. In that separation second, Ponyboy realizes the Darry does care for him, the he was simply trying also hard. After shedding his parents, Darry fear losing another loved one. Cherry"s willingness come clue the greasers in top top Soc task shows she to be in a type of limbo.

Who are the 7 greasers in the outsiders?

Plot. In the mid-1960s in Tulsa, Oklahoma, greasers room a gang of tough, low-income working-class teens. They encompass Ponyboy Curtis and also his 2 older brothers, Sodapop and also Darrel, and also Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, Two-Bit Matthews, and Steve Randle.

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When walk the outsiders take place?


What city is the outsider collection in?

Set in a tiny Georgia town, "Outsider" adheres to the investigation of the horrific murder of a young boy.
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