Synopsis previously on...: Kate's backstory, Sawyer whispered right into Kate's ear prior to jumping out of the helicopter once they were leaving the island; and also Kate was going to shed custody of Aaron. Sayid met young Ben, that wanted come escape with Sayid, who shot tiny Ben and also ran right into the jungle.Sayid, the hostile: Jin said Phil end the radio on the island that Sayid to be headed north. That knew, "because he assaulted me." Jin rolling Young Ben end and, in spite of having been shot in the chest, Young Ben was still alive and asking because that help.Horace to be doing a Tommy Lee Jones-like gathering of the locals come prepare because that chasing down Sayid. Horace claimed he was pretty certain the hostile used the enflamed van together a diversion. Jack piped up and asked how he could start the fire if he to be locked up. Horace said someone in the town must have helped Sayid since the cameras didn't pick up anyone on the perimeter.Kate obtained a little friendly through Roger Linus, Ben's dad. "It's nice to accomplish you, Roger," she said. Jin came ago with Young Ben and also Roger panicked, shouting, "That's my kid!"Flashback: Kate drove up to a house, holding Aaron, and Cassidy opened up the door. She asked what Kate was doing there and also she said, "Sawyer sent out me."Kate gave Cassidy an envelope complete of money and said Sawyer wanted Cassidy to take treatment of Clementine, your daughter. Kate claimed she believed Clementine had a right to recognize that her father cared. Kate described that Sawyer didn't come back because he jumped off the helicopter to assist the rather escape.Cassidy said Sawyer to be a coward and also he jumped off the helicopter to get away from Kate. She said the money probably wasn't his, and Kate started to explain around the settlement after the crash and also how she didn't need all the money."You've got the exact same look top top your confront I did as soon as he ditched me," Cassidy said. "All I have for friend is sympathy."She inquiry Kate if Aaron to be Sawyer's kid and also Kate said, "No, ns was pregnant prior to I met him." Cassidy knew Aaron wasn't yes, really Kate's baby. She request Kate why she was lying around Aaron."Because I have to," she said.Back on the island: Sawyer to be checking security tapes and also Kate told Sawyer she knew the boy that to be shot was Ben. She asked what was going on as soon as Horace walked in and Sawyer pretended he was just asking her if she'd watched anything suspicious. Horace and Sawyer observed the key inSayid's cabinet door and knew someone let that out. Horace said there were only three janitors: Roger, Willie and also "that brand-new guy" Jack. Sawyer take it Miles come go speak to Jack. Sawyer told mile to uncover Jack, Kate and also Hurley and put castle in a home so castle wouldn't talk to anyone.Sawyer waited outside the clinic where Juliet was operating on Ben. That asked roger for his keys and he didn't have them. Juliet said Sawyer things were "not alright," and she told the Ben essential a actual surgeon. Sawyer left.Miles called Jack and crew they to be under house arrest. Hurley wonder if he could disappear, choose in "Back to the Future." He said that if Ben died, and also since Ben to be the factor they all came back to the island, that they might no longer exist. Miles stated that was stupid due to the fact that they can't adjust anything in the past. Whatever happened, happened. So if Ben was lively years later, then that meant he wasn't going to die in the past.Sawyer came in and asked Jack to aid save Ben. Jack claimed no. Sawyer said that if Jack didn't help, the kid might die. "Then that dies," Jack said.Kate told Jack he should save Ben due to the fact that he can be supposed to save him. Jack claimed he'd currently operated top top Ben when for Kate, that wasn't walk to carry out it again. He wonder if maybe the island just wanted to solve things itself, "and probably I to be just acquiring in the way." Kate said she didn't favor the new Jack, she chosen the old Jack, who wouldn't just sit around and wait for points to happen. "You didn't like the old me, Kate," Jack said. Kate walked out.Kate checked out volunteer to offer Ben blood, then she called Juliet that she and Jack were engaged after they obtained off the island. Roger realized Ben stole his keys and he called Kate that Ben did it "because the me." Roger said he thought he'd be best dad ever, but it didn't occupational out after ~ Ben's mother died. "A boy simply needs his mother, i guess." Ben got in some sort of shock.Miles described the time continuum to Hurley, saying that once Ben turn the wheel time stopped relocating in a right line. Yet Hurley threw Miles because that a loop when he asked why enlarge Ben wouldn't have remembered gaining shot by Sayid -- the same male who tortures him in the future.Juliet and Kate to be worried around Ben and Juliet lastly suggested, "Maybe there's miscellaneous they deserve to do." Kate asked that "they" were, and also Juliet said, "The others."Juliet and also Kate loaded Young Ben right into the VW bus, yet Kate did it on her own so that Juliet wouldn't acquire in trouble. Juliet claimed that she'd need to tell Sawyer what happened, however she'd give Kate as lot of a head begin as she could.Back ~ above the dock: Kate yelled in ~ Jack after realizing that the arrangement was to get everyone back to the island. As they drove, Aaron wanted to prevent for milk, but then readjusted his mind and asked for a juice box. As soon as they walked through the store, Kate lost track the Aaron. She ran with the store searching for him, and also found a woman talking v him. She grabbed him and also held him close.Back on the island: Kate journey the VW bus and approached the defense gate. She saw one more blue bus approaching. It was Sawyer. He said he wasn't over there to prevent her, he was there to aid her.Thank you because that being a friend: Kate checked out Cassidy's house -- they'd apparently created quite the friendship -- and also told Cassidy about going earlier to the island. She told Cassidy she shed Aaron in the supermarket. She said that together scared as she was, she wasn't surprised. She wonder why she would intend him to it is in taken. "Because you take it him, Kate,"Cassidy said.Kate tried to define that Claire was gone and also Aaron essential her. But Cassidy stated Kate necessary Aaron. "Sawyer was gone," Cassidy said. "How rather were you claimed to fix it?"Back top top the island: Kate asked Sawyer why he was helping her, and also he claimed it to be for the same reason Kate to be helping Ben. Since no issue what Ben would flourish up come be, they couldn't permit a boy die. Sawyer said he was doing it because that Juliet.Juliet stormed right into the home where the group was staying and also demanded to speak to Jack. She was mad in ~ him for not helping conserve "that kid." He said "that boy is Ben." Jack said he came earlier to the island to conserve them."We didn't require saving," she said. "You came earlier for you."Jack claimed he came ago because he claimed to, however he didn't understand why yet. "Well, you far better figure the out," Juliet said.Sawyer and Kate carried Young Ben through the jungle towards The Others.Kate said Sawyer she took treatment of his daughter, just like he asked she to. The asked what Clementine to be like. Kate said Sawyer aboutCassidy's "interesting theory" around why he jumped off the helicopter. "Me and you wouldn't have worked out, Kate," that said. "I wasn't any an ext fit to be your boyfriend than I to be to be that tiny girl's father."Some that The others approached with guns and Sawyer demanded the they take it him, Kate and also Young Ben to Alpert.'I know who you are': Kate knocked ~ above a door and Carole Littleton, Claire's mother, answer the door. Kate presented herself and Carole said, "I recognize who you are."Kate told Carole the Aaron was she grandson, then she said her that Claire to be alive. She explained the story about the lie and the fact that Claire disappeared on the island. She described why she lied about being Aaron's mother."Because I necessary him," Kate said. "I'm sorry."A tearful Kate stated she knew it was a lot come handle, however when Carole was ready, she could take Aaron. Kate told Carole the she'd already explained come Aaron that his grandmother would be taking care of him. She stated she to be leaving."Where space you going?" Carole asked."I'm walk back," Kate said, "to find your daughter."Back top top the island: Sawyer and Alpert met in the jungle. Alpert immediately recognized Young Ben. Kate inquiry Alpert to save Ben's life."If ns take him, he's not ever going to it is in the exact same again," Alpert said. "He'll forget that this ever before happened and his innocence will certainly be gone. He will constantly be among us. Friend still want me to take it him?"Kate said, "Yes."As Alpert take it Ben, one of his guys told the he shouldn't execute that there is no checking v Ellie, "and if Charles finds out...""He won't uncover out," Alpert said. "And ns don't price to one of two people of them."Kate asked whereby they were taking him. She acquired no answer. Alpert lugged Ben away, v a door of a structure that had tree branches cultivation all over it.There seemed to be a hint of a flash of light once Alpert to walk in.With no reference to a time change, Old Ben wake up up and saw Locke sitting over him."Hello, Ben," Locke said.

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