The civil War, in the words of president Abraham Lincoln, carried to America "a new birth the freedom." and also during the war started the nation"s initiatives to pertained to terms v the destruction of slavery and to specify the definition of freedom. through the war"s finish it was currently clear that restoration would bring significant changes in southerly society, and a redefinition that the ar of blacks in American life.

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The Civil war did not start as a complete war, however it soon ended up being one: a struggle that pitted society against society. Never prior to had mass militaries confronted each other on the battlefield with the deadly weapons developed by the commercial revolution.

The resulting casualties dwarfed something in the American experience. Some 650,000 men passed away in the war, consisting of 260,000 Confederates -- over one-fifth that the South"s adult white masculine population.

At the war"s outset, the Lincoln management insisted the restoring the Union to be its just purpose. But as slaves by the thousands exit the plantations and headed because that Union lines, and also military victory eluded the North, the chairman made the destruction of slavery a war aim -- a decision announced in the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1863.

The Proclamation likewise authorized the enlistment of black soldiers.

By the finish of the polite War, some 200,000 black soldiers had actually served in the Union army and also navy, staking a insurance claim to citizenship in the postwar nation.

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During the war, "rehearsals for Reconstruction" took ar in the Union-occupied South. Top top the south Carolina Sea Islands, the former slaves demanded land of their own, while federal government officials and Northern investor urged them come return to occupational on the plantations.

In addition, a team of young northern reformers came to the islands to education the freedpeople and also assist in the change from enslavement to freedom. The conflicts among these groups readily available a preview of the national dispute over Reconstruction.