Urban legends have terrorized the internet because its inception, and also the story that Carmen Winstead is one. In this article, we will tell friend the complete story that this 17-year-old girl.

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Moving come a brand-new city

Carmen Elizabeth Winstead to be a high institution student, indigenous Indiana. Her parents had moved come this city since her father to be seeking employed staff in this city which intended Carment lost her friends and was currently in a fully new atmosphere without any kind of acquaintance.

Carmen’s personality

Carmen to be an introvert, and it to be not simple for she to make new friends, and also she to be terrified of gift judged.

New Friends?

Carmen had actually not made friends till the middle of the institution year. The folks at her college were not kind to her, and also she spent the institution year every alone. Taking classes and also moving in isolation here and there, but then she met a team of 5 girls, who she thought was she friend, and also hanged out through them till she uncovered out that they have actually been developing hoaxes versus her tarnished her image.


Carmen Winstead made decision to challenge them, however upon confrontation, the 5 girls rotate on her and also resorted to too much levels that bullying. That ongoing for a long time. It eventually started by calling out her name, which Carmen shrugged off, but it obtained worse once they experienced she is unmoved. Sooner or later she left her publications in the class, and also after coming earlier from the break, she experienced that someone through a spicy object had sculpted vile indigenous on she book. One more day, she witnessed that someone had actually poured yogurt inside her bag. Her locker getting vandalized came to be a norm and the last blow come when when someone filled she jacket with dog poop.

How go carmen Winstead die?

Carmen got tired of this bullying and she had chose to complain to her teacher around this by remaining late after school but fate was not on her side, and her death was created that day. After lunch in school, it was announced the a fire drill would be held. The student was request to to fill the yard outside when the fire alert is sounded. All the students, including Carmen Winstead and also the five girls, gathered in the yard. There to be an open up maintenance hole, and the girls determined to offer Carmen the ultimate embarrassment by pushing her into that. They surrounding Carmen and also pushed her inside the maintain hole. When her name was called, the girl shouted, “She is down in the manhole,” but tiny they knew that Carmen had met her fate while various other students to be laughing in ~ the answer to that name-calling. The laughter turned right into silence as soon as the teachers experienced Carmen’s dead human body lying in the bottom the the maintain hole v poop and also muck neighboring her. Her head was damaged at a 360-degree angle, and blood spanned her face.

Police Investigation

When Police come over for investigation, they uncovered out the the reason of death was breaking her neck as result of the fall and also her head hitting the concrete bottom. The ladder the the maintenance hole damaged her neck, and also it had actually torn her face.

Carmen’s body was recovered indigenous the sewer and also taken to the morgue by officers. All had actually to wait behind after college while the cops interrogated Carmen’s classmates. The 5 girls made false statements, explain they experienced Carmen slip right into the drain. Carmen Winstead’s death was considered an accident by the police, and also the investigation was dismissed. It was believed to it is in the end of Carmen Winstead’s story at the school, yet there was something horrific looming the school.

My Space

Carmen’s classmates began receiving strange e-mails on their MySpace pages months later. The e-mails were called “They thrust Her” and also reported the Carmen had been pushed right into the drain rather 보다 falling it. The e-mails more warned the attackers to come forward and also accept reference for their actions. There would certainly be disastrous consequences if they did not. The bulk of human being discarded the e-mails together a joke.

The revenge

A pair of job later, among the girl who had shoved Carmen into the drainpipe was acquisition a shower at home when she heard a loud screeching laugh. It appeared to come indigenous the sink. The girl began to panic and also rushed the end of the toilet. The night, the girl kissed her mom goodnight and also went come bed. Her mom was awakened in the middle of the night five hours later on by a according to disturbance echoed in the home. She dashed into her daughter’s room, just to uncover that it was empty. The boy was i do not have anything to be found. The came to mother phoned 911, and when the cops arrived, castle initiated a sweep of the neighborhood. Castle then discovered the girl’s gruesome remains.

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Her body was coated with muck and poop in the sewer. She jaw had actually been fractured, and her confront had to be severed. It had been disconnected. All of the girls who driven Carmen that day were uncovered dead one by one. They were all killed in the same manner and also discovered in the exact same place, where Carmen had uncovered her destiny in the drain, in ~ the bottom of the same open maintenance hole. Yet the killings did not end there. Carmen’s former classmates to be being discovered dead one by one. Anyone who didn’t think Carmen had been relocated was finally found in the sewage system with their necks cut and their encounters ripped off.