Think about the color fuchsia. What concerns your mind once you do so? Probably, you think about femininity, confidence, and also casualness. When linked with dark or glowing colors, fuchsia mister not only as one attention-grabbing hue but additionally as a bold and sophisticated one.

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Of course, you also probably think around fuchsia, the pink-purple flower i beg your pardon the shade is called after. However did you know that the flower is called after a German botanist named Leonard Fuchs?

Later, it came to be known as magenta to celebrate the victory of France in Magenta, Italy in 1958. However, while magenta and also fuchsia are similar in the color model supplied on computers and also TV screens, in other contexts fuchsia has much more purple undertones, whereby magenta tends to be redder.

Now that your history lesson is over, you can be looking forward to discovering what 2 colors make fuchsia. To acquire your answer, you have to know around the different shade models.

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The shade Wheel Model

First, let’s comment on the color wheel model. You recognize the vibrant circle your arts teacher showed you to show the different hues you get when you mix main and secondary colors.

As her teacher said, the primary colors in this model are red, blue and also yellow. Mix two major hues together and you get secondary colors: orange, green and purple. When you add a base primary shade to a secondary color, you acquire tertiary colors.


Once you obtain the appropriate mix, you deserve to use the hue to produce a wide range of designs. Indigenous psychedelic combinations using neon colors to more sophisticated persons by utilizing fuchsia alongside black or dark hues.


Knowing just how colors occupational as paints or as light gives you one edge once it comes to creating stunning and vivid designs.

In fact, having actually an expertise of shade theory and also models is an advantage to help you improve your craft, experimenting various finding out shades, tints, and also tones you uncover delightful.

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Whether you are an artist that works v paints or one that works making use of a computer, we definitely hope that you uncovered this guide helpful.