so, what other assets does j.lo use to gain red carpet ready? she swears by this l’oreal paris products:

for her foundation, jen offers the infallible pro-glow foundation, which provides a radiant glow and 24-hour, full-coverage. It’s the perfect no-makeup makeup foundation as that is lightweight and also natural-looking.

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she uses the brand’s colour riche eye pocket palette, which is an eyeshadow quad that has actually 2 shimmery shades and also 2 matte shades for innovative and bold looks, to acquire the perfect smoky eye.

and, that course, she provides l’oreal paris’ voluminous mascara for her dramatic lashes.

keep scrolling come shop j.lo’s favourite makeup native l’oreal paris:

l"oreal paris infallible pro-glow structure ($10.97)

l"oreal paris color riche eye pocket palette ($8.97)

l"oreal paris voluminous original mascara ($5.79)

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Jennifer Lopez Swears through This supervisor Flattering Lipstick--& you Can obtain It in ~ The Drugstore! June 21, 2018 by Emily | beauty

Jennifer Lopez is the queen of glam. The singer is well-known for she signature bright and always shuts under every red carpet she’s on v her flawless skin.

“Jennifer has constantly been beautiful,” she longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes tells Refinery29. “I light, oils, and moisture to let she skin light through, almost like watercolor. Ns treated makeup choose a stain; girlfriend didn’t view where things began or where they stopped. The wasn’t harsh and also it wasn’t heavy. That became her signature.”

It’s no mystery that J.Lo isn’t afraid to try various trends and also products, yet it is shocking to know that she’s a fan of a drugstore-favorite brand: L’Oreal Paris!


L’Oreal Paris Infallible PAINTS ($7.97) 

We know that she LOVES the brand’s Voluminous Mascara, i beg your pardon is known for the dramatic lengthening properties and also has the ability to make lashes look at 5 times thicker than their organic look. Now, we’re finding out that she’s also obsessed v their Infallible Paints fluid lipstick.

Jennifer’s favorite shade is nude Star, which is a gorgeous nude. This is the perfect red carpet lip since of that high-impact color and also full-coverage formula. It’s additionally smudge-proof and waterproof, which is always something we look because that in a fluid lipstick!

So, what other products does J.Lo use to obtain red carpet ready? She swears by this L’Oreal Paris products:

For she foundation, Jen offers the Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, which provides a radiant glow and also 24-hour, full-coverage. It’s the perfect no-makeup makeup foundation as that lightweight and also natural-looking.

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She supplies the brand’s Colour Riche Eye pocket Palette, i m sorry is one eyeshadow quad that has 2 shimmery shades and also 2 matte shades for sophisticated and interlocutor looks, to get the perfect smoky eye.

And, of course, she offers L’Oreal Paris’ Voluminous Mascara for she dramatic lashes.