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These room approximate driving ranges in a radius indigenous Vicksburg, Mississippi. Search for vacation spots in ~ driving distance for a day expedition or weekend getaway. Over there are plenty of towns in ~ the full area, therefore if you"re looking for closer places, shot a smaller radius. If you"re ready to drive farther, shot 90 miles.

Please note that these cities room closest to your specified radius that 40 miles. You have the right to switch come the biggest cities within 40 mile (even if they space closer), or search for areas to eat. Not certain where come go? take it a day pilgrimage from Vicksburg, or explore various routes for trips native Vicksburg. Looking for small towns or communities about Vicksburg, Mississippi? gain a full list that cities near Vicksburg.

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40 miles eastern of Vicksburg:

Le Fleurs Bluff State Park

Swinging leg RV Resort

37 miles west of Vicksburg:

Delhi RV Park

Nets RV Park - long Term

Poverty allude Reservoir State Park

36 miles northeast that Vicksburg:

Panther Swamp nationwide Wildlife Refuge

38 miles southern of Vicksburg:

Copiah county State Wildlife administration Area

37 mile west that Vicksburg:

Poverty suggest Reservoir State Park

More cities about 40 miles away

Here are much more cities basedon a trip circle radius the 40 miles. The steering distance may be various from the straight line flight distance.

40 miles: Gowen, LA

40 miles: Denhart, LA

40 miles: Plumville, MS

40 miles: Bernard, MS

40 miles: Anderson, MS

40 miles: expect Springs, MS

40 miles: crystal Springs, MS

40 miles: Elton, MS

40 miles: Nogan, MS

39 miles: Mayersville, MS

39 miles: Cottonwood, LA

39 miles: Lakeover, MS

39 miles: Red Lick, MS

39 miles: Bayland, MS

39 miles: Epps, LA

Travel time from Vicksburg, MS

cities within 1 hour the Vicksburg1½ hours from Vicksburgplaces in ~ 2 hours of me in Vicksburgexplore 2½ hours from Vicksburg3 hr radius map indigenous Vicksburg3½ hr journey from Vicksburgplaces in ~ 4 hours of me in Vicksburgwithin 4½ hrs of me in Vicksburg5 hour drive from me in Vicksburg5½ hour journey from Vicksburgwithin 6 hours of Vicksburg7 hour drive from Vicksburgdriving 8 hours from Vicksburg9 hours from Vicksburg

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Distance indigenous Vicksburg, MS

cities within 10 mile of me in Vicksburgwithin 20 mile of me in Vicksburg30 mile radius the Vicksburg40 mile journey from Vicksburglocated 50 mile from Vicksburg100 mile radius indigenous Vicksburgwithin 150 miles of Vicksburg200 mile road expedition from Vicksburgdistance of 250 miles from Vicksburgdriving 300 miles from Vicksburg350 mile trip beginning from Vicksburg400 mile journey from Vicksburgdrive for 450 miles from Vicksburg500 mile from Vicksburgday trips indigenous Vicksburg

Vicksburg, Mississippi is located atlatitude/longitude coordinates32° 21" 9" N / 90° 52" 40" W