When it involved reconciling a sibling architecture feud, YouTube influencer Alisha Marie dubbed upon she friend and interior designer Sharrah Stevens to discover a compromise.

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Alisha Marie and also her sister Ashley, with whom she shares she five-bedroom, five-bathroom residence in Los Angeles, wanted help blending your opposing styles in their new home office.

“Ashley likes a much more rustic look and also I prefer glam, girly and also Midcentury Modern,” claimed Alisha Marie, 25. “Sharrah really did a good job at catching Ashley’s style as well as mine and also making that work.”

Alisha Marie’s favourite color, millennial pink, is subdued by a palette of clean white with clues of black. Raw elements such as the hardwood floors and metal-and-wood bookshelves “balance exactly how bright and also girly this room deserve to look, particularly having pink chairs,” she said.


The results exceeded expectations and even influenced a adjust of heart in Alisha Marie: “I absolutely think mine sister’s influence rubbed turn off on me and I love the we have a entirety bunch of different styles.”


YouTube influencer Alisha Marie in the favorite room of she Los Angeles home, her house office. (Jesse Goddard / because that The Times)

Raw aspects such as the hardwood floors and also metal-and-wood bookshelves “balance how bright and girly this room deserve to look,” Alisha Marie says.

(Jesse Goddard / because that The Times)


One of the points that Alisha Marie wanted to save from the old room was this large calendar.

(Jesse Goddard / for The Times)


“It’s a multi-purpose room; ns constantly filming ingredient in here, vlogging and editing,” Alisha Marie says. “But i didn’t want it to feel like simply an office. I want it to it is in cute where I can have friends over and people might chill.”

(Jesse Goddard / because that The Times)

Why is this her favorite room?

I precise live in here. I’ll wake up up, obtain my coffee, come in here and also get work done. It really affects her mood and also helps friend work far better when you room in a an are that friend like. And also I love that it’s an open up plan and also that the workdesks are against the wall.

Main usage for this space?

It’s a multi-purpose room; i’m constantly filming ingredient in here, vlogging and editing. However I didn’t want it to feeling like just an office. I wanted it to be cute wherein I might have girlfriend over and people can chill.

What are some of the key things readjusted in the redecoration?

This supplied to it is in our dining room and also it felt choose wasted room because us usually just eat ~ above the couch or bar stools. The only drastic thing we readjusted was including all the hardwood paneling top top the wall, which ns really love. It added so much texture.

Tell me about this massive calendar.

When we relocated offices that was among the points that I wanted to keep from the old room due to the fact that I love it therefore much. It takes up a most space, which is great. We had actually it last year and re-ordered it.

Where go you acquire these fabulous chairs?

They’re from West Elm. Ns love exactly how this blush color looks v the white. You certainly have to include a few more pillows to be propped up, yet I yes, really like how it make the room different.

What’s your many prized possession in here?

The old cameras, they were my great-grandpa’s. Growing up, mine dad constantly had castle on the peak shelf and my sister and I can not play with them since they to be super-fragile. I was always obsessed with them and how lock worked, for this reason it to be cool once my dad provided them to me.

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Favorite memory in here?

Seeing the room for the first time as soon as Sharrah decorated it. Us filmed ours reactions and it was such a fun moment since we had talked around it for so long. I literally screamed. I never ever thought my an are could look like this.