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Nintendo is publication the New Nintendo 3DS XL there is no an AC adapter in the box in north America and also Europe, so buyers who don"t currently own a DSi or 3DS (and their linked charger) will have to purchase an AC adapter separately. Nintendo explained the decision to together a cost-cutting measure.

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"Rather than raise price of new Nintendo 3DS XL through charging consumer for a ingredient they may already own, us are providing them the choice to only buy if they need an AC adapter," a Nintendo representative told The spokesperson detailed that the new 3DS XL is compatible v the very same AC adapter supplied by all 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, DSi and DSi XL devices.

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This will be the first time Nintendo has actually released a handheld through a rechargeable battery in north America without an AC adapter in the package. The firm launched the 3DS XL in Japan and Europe there is no a charger, however the system does come through one in phibìc America, Australia and also Korea. Sales of all DSi and also 3DS models in the americas totaled almost 33.5 million devices as of Sept. 30, 2014, so it"s definitely true that numerous potential phibìc American buyers for the brand-new 3DS XL currently have one AC adapter the will work-related with the upcoming handheld.

But plenty of potential client don"t have an present AC adapter. Nintendo sell the official DSi and also 3DS charger because that $9.95 in ~ the Nintendo save online. Buyers of the brand-new 3DS XL that are trying to find an AC adapter may be tempted to choose up a cheaper third-party charger or also a USB charging cable. However we"d recommend against those choices — utilizing them might void your device"s warranty.

All Nintendo consoles and handhelds to buy in the U.S. And Canada carry a one-year warranty donate by Nintendo of America. However, the fine print includes particular conditions under which the warranty will not apply, such as if the mechanism "is provided with products not marketed or license is granted by Nintendo (including, but not minimal to, non-licensed game enhancement and copier devices, adapters, and power supplies)."

To be clear, many third-party accessories are officially license is granted by Nintendo, such as the 3DS automobile charger through PDP that"s listed on Nintendo"s site. But you"ll want to prevent the kind of no-name off-brand chargers that you might find on eBay.

The brand-new Nintendo 3DS XL launches Feb. 13 for $199.99.

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Correction: Nintendo handhelds prior to the game Boy breakthrough SP go not incorporate rechargeable batteries, for this reason they did not ship v AC adapters. We"ve edited the story to reflect this.

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