So friend Think You deserve to Dance season 15 episode 9 airs Monday in ~ 8:00 pm EST top top Fox. The episode is referred to as “Meet The optimal 10” and also it will certainly run about the usual 60 minutes (-/+ commercials). Currently, So friend Think You deserve to Dance has actually a 6.8 rating top top IMDb. Right here is every little thing you have to know about tonight’s episode, including where and how to watch it digital for free, without cable subscription. Also, uncover out if So you Think You can Dance is fix up or canceled for a new season.

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After enduring the auditions, the cutthroat Academy rounds, and the final cuts, the finalists acquire to do live for the very first time top top the SYTYCD stage. Tonight’s illustration starts in


So you Think You can Dance Season 15 illustration 9 city hall Details

Show:So friend Think You deserve to Dance: Season 15
Episode Name:“Meet The top 10” (episode 9)
Air Date:August 06, 2018
Air Time:8:00 pm EST
TV Channel:Fox

How To watch So you Think You can Dance Season 15 illustration 9 Online

Episode 9 that ‘So you Think You can Dance’ airs this Monday at 8:00 afternoon on Fox. There are a few ways you have the right to watch tonight’s episode online, phone, tablet computer and desktop for cost-free and there is no cable. Below are her options:

FOX Live Website & FOX now App

You deserve to watch So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance season 15 illustration 9 online via Fox Live website. Friend will require your login and password info for her cable provider.

You can likewise live stream episode 9 the So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance season 15 on her phone, tablet computer or mobile device by downloading the FOX currently App (App Store, Google Play, windows Store), login through your cable provider info and begin watching.


No cable or satellite login? No problem! Fox is accessible on DIRECTV. You deserve to live stream illustration 9 the So friend Think You deserve to Dance online through DIRECTV NOW. DIRECTV uses a cost-free seven-day trial, therefore you’ll get seven days totally free before your paid member begins. You will certainly not be charged if friend cancel her subscription in ~ this time.

DIRECTV also has one DIRECTV NOW application (App Store, Google Play). You deserve to watch the present for totally free if you authorize up because that the seven-day trial and also cancel it before the trial period ends.

Sling TV

You can also watch the So girlfriend Think You can Dance through Sling TV. It’s just like a cable or satellite TV service, except it’s yielded over the internet. You have the right to sign up because that a free seven-day trial and also if girlfriend cancel her subscription within 7 days, you will certainly not it is in charged. When signed up, merely download the app for your computer system or mobile an equipment to start watching.

Sling TV additionally has an Sling application (App store, Google Play). Over there is additionally a Sling application for to apologize TV, Xbox One, Roku, Chromecast, and also Amazon Fire TV – view all devices.

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