ESPN standard On-Demand is now easily accessible for sports fans who want to relive the “glory days” of your favorite team.

Replacing the direct channel, an ext than 600 hrs of events from ESPN standard will be accessible On-Demand by the finish of the month, placing memorable sporting activities moments available at the touch of a button. The classic games and also all-time favourite sporting occasions will follow the seasonality and also relevancy that each sport year-round, starting with university football and also college basketball.

You are watching: What channel is espn classic on dish customers that obtain ESPN or ESPN Deportes can accessibility ESPN classic On-Demand via your remote, Anywhere application on their mobile device, or Additionally, a digital content offering through WatchESPN is slated to launch in at an early stage 2015.

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get in to success $1 million v the Bracket challenge in conjunction with DraftKings, and catch all the NCAA action
* launches first-of-its-kind integration with DraftKings
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