In the 11 years because they began their podcast, the McElroy brothers's adhering to has get an impression considerably. Justin, Travis and also Griffin have since expanded their podcasting empire, but it all began with Yahoo! Answers.

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'What is kind of touching around Yahoo! answers is the there's not a monetary incentive to help'

Brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin organize the comedy podcast, mine Brother, mine Brother, and Me. (Sarah Deragon)

Day 66:11The McElroy Brothers say goodbye to Yahoo! Answers ahead of the site's unavoidable demise
The many storied question and also answer platform ~ above the net will soon disappear forever. If you go in search of Yahoo! answer after may 4, you'll be instantly redirected to Yahoo!'s homepage.

Yahoo! Answers has been a fixture top top the internet because 2005. The website is basically an open-forum conversation page, whereby users post questions and helpful respondents share their finest advice.

And end time, the has come to be a reliable source of hilarity, an ext than a location to find any kind of actual advice.

No one to know that better than Justin and also Travis McElroy, hosts of the comedy advice podcast, My Brother, my Brother, and also Me, together with their younger brother, Griffin. 

In the 11 years because they began the podcast, their following has get an impression considerably. The brothers have since expanded their podcasting realm to more 보다 a dozen podcasts and published a book, Everybody has actually a Podcast (Except You).

But, for the brothers, the all started with Yahoo! Answers.

"We knew, my brothers and also I, the we wanted to carry out an advice show, however we didn't have an audience come advise," described eldest McElroy brother, Justin.

"So indigenous that very first episode, us leaned on Yahoo! answer for people to help. It lower the pressure since they more than likely would never hear ours advice, so there's no danger of them acquisition it."

Horse and ghost inquiries were popular

My Brother, mine Brother, and also Me still functions Yahoo! answer as part of the show — the podcast usually ends with one concern from the site. Yet they no longer rely quite as heavily on the website as they as soon as did, and the brothers say they have enough segments and fan-submitted content to lug on simply fine after the website goes dark.

But year of scouring Yahoo! Answers for the strangest inquiries they can find meant middle brother Travis began noticing a couple of common themes.

"There's so plenty of questions around horses," stated Travis. "It has influenced our present to become, i think, 50 every cent steed content at this point. And also then the various other 50 every cent is greatly ghost content."

"A most ghost stuff there on Yahoo! Answers, a many of equine stuff and also a lot about food and also what you could do v that food, occasionally illegally."

For Justin, the ideal recurring concerns are the ones the most people would be also embarrassed come ask in genuine life.

"One of my favourites is speculating on the spiritual status of fictional characters," he said.

"We've had: is the Joker a Christian? Is Squidward a Christian? will certainly the Loch Ness Monster gain into Christian heaven? There's a most speculation around that."

Other noteworthy standouts include, "If I very own the Mona Lisa, can I legit eat it?" 

"The point is, ns still do not know," stated Travis. "I walk not recognize then and also I execute not understand now. Can you walk to prison for eating the Mona Lisa if you own it? ns don't know, and that keeps me awake in ~ night."

As Yahoo! Answers' death approaches, the brothers have found themselves showing on what the site noted for mankind as a whole.

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"I think what is type of touching around Yahoo! answers is that there's not a monetary inspiration to help," said Justin.

"The incentive is just like, I desire my lived suffer on this earth to it is in worthwhile to one more human being. And also I think that is therefore human."