Thyme is among those deliciously herby tastes that match a huge selection of recipes. Both lemon thyme and also regular new thyme room a new herb useful in plenty of recipes. What perform you do if you need a thyme substitute?

It is a usual feature in the cuisines of countless cultures roughly the world, playing a role in numerous savory dishes and also a grasp of sweet ones too.

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It is renowned because that its benefits on the skin, too, and thyme crucial oil deserve to be found in many products. The is likewise a typical feature in dental treatment products such together mouthwash.

However what happens once you need a bunch that thyme for her recipe but you are fresh out? Is her recipe doomed forever?

Thankfully, that is not the case due to the fact that there are a variety of substitutes that deserve to be supplied in location of thyme with great success.

We room going to be telling you all about our favorite thyme substitutes in this article, and also letting you recognize the best type of recipes to use them in.

Before we execute that, though, us should very first explore the flavor of thyme, letting girlfriend know exactly what makes it for this reason popular. This will permit you to much better choose what kind of substitute would suit your dish best, based upon the element of thyme you favor most.


Flavors the Thyme

Thyme is a herb the belongs come the mint family, and also so that does have actually a slightly mint undertone.

It is a fresh, earthy flavor that largely lends chin to savory food (although it have the right to taste beautiful in sweeter key too).

It has a slim citrus flavor, which is an ext of a keep in mind than an extreme taste. Some people also describe the herb together woody.

It is at sight versatile, and pairs well v meat, fish, vegetables, and cheeses. It additionally holds up fine in the heat, unlike many other herbs that wilt easily. This renders it fantastic addition come soups, stews, broths, and other boil dishes.

As we discussed in the introduction, it is widely used in a variety of various cuisines, however it is perhaps ideal known in the Mediterranean, as this is whereby it originates.

When picking the ideal substitute because that thyme, it will be beneficial to determine what flavor element you desire to replicate. This will certainly of course depend on the cuisine and the specific dish you room creating.

If you want the woodiness the thyme, then pick the ideal substitution for this. If friend are drawn to the citrus or mint notes in thyme, then the herb you select may be slightly different.

The Substitutes


The very first substitute we desire to draw your attention to is oregano. Oregano own that same earthy flavor as thyme and likewise has those mint and also citrus notes so well loved by thyme fans.

Oregano is very popular in Italian dishes, functioning well with various other herbs and also spices. The is additionally a prominent feature in Italian seasoning.

The in its entirety taste that oregano is more powerful than that of thyme, and so much less of it must be used. The recommended proportion is three-quarters the a teaspoon of oregano for a entirety teaspoon the thyme.

That being said, that is quiet a wonderful replacement because that thyme, particularly when supplied in Italian bowl such as pasta, tomato based dishes, and grilled meat.

Herbes de Provence

This mixture of herbs attributes thyme, together with rosemary, basil, lavender flowers, marjoram, basil, only leaf, and savory.

The precise mixture the herbs supplied depends on wherein you space in the world. That is thought that the enhancement of lavender flower is specifically a phibìc American custom.

In the united Kingdom, there is often sage added to the mix too. Thyme seems to stay a hard addition, where in the civilization you purchase Herbes de Provence, and also so this makes a great substitute for level thyme.

Because that the variety of flavors in the product, it might not it is in the same breakable taste yielded by thyme alone, so bear this in mind.

You have the right to use it in ~ a ratio of 1:1, meaning one tespoon of Herbes De Provence is same to the same as thyme.

However, since the seasonings will it is in a small stronger and will have an ext ‘going on’ as such, you may want to walk for half first, and also then include the other half to taste if friend wish.

You have the right to use the in many cuisines and also dishes wherein thyme is one ingredient, however it lends itself finest to French and also other Mediterranean cooking.

Italian Seasoning

Yet an additional mixture the herbs, Italian seasoning is another great replacement because that thyme.

As the name suggests, the is ideal suited because that Italian dishes, but also works fine on grilled meats and in various other Mediterranean cuisines.

Italian seasoning includes thyme, as well as many that the various other replacements because that thyme such together oregano, savory, and marjoram.

It additionally has basial, rosemary, bay leaf, and sage in there. Be affected by each other in mind that Italian seasoning regularly smells quite sweet many thanks to the enhancement of basil.

It is a rather sweet herb, v a taste the is a small like cloves. Don’t let this put you turn off though since it is a really versatile herb that works well with every one of the other flavors in Italian seasoning.

Similar to Herbes de Provence, you can use Italian seasoning at a ratio of 1:1, substituting one teaspoon of thyme because that one teaspoon of Italian seasoning.

That being said, depending on your food you might want to include a little less due to the fact that of the selection of various other flavors that are also present together with the thyme.


For a chicken or fish dish the calls for the use of thyme, you could use tarragon instead. That is a small sweeter 보다 thyme and also has somewhat of a bitterness taste.

However, the slim anise flavor and the mint-like taste is what lends this herb so well together a instead of of thyme. You deserve to use it favor for like. By this us mean, one tespoon of thyme correlates come the exact same of tarragon.

However, you might want to add it bit by bit, tasting in between if possible. If you are struggling to location the smell of tarragon having actually never tried that before, think ago to a time where you have consumed Bearnaise sauce.

Tarragon is the key flavor facet in this sauce. The smell is best suited to French cuisine, and also may no be as flexible as some various other substitutes ~ above this list due to the fact that of its really distinctive taste so carry out bear this in psychic first.


We have mentioned marjoram a couple of times already as it is a vital feature in Herbes de Provence and also Italian seasoning.

It likewise works well on its own as a instead of or substitute because that thyme in countless recipes. Marjoram has a taste that is very similar to thyme.

Like thyme, the is a member the the mint family, and also it own a delicate, slightly minty flavor. The is a sweet, woody taste the is very fresh.

It is likewise related come oregano, albeit much more delicate in flavor. You deserve to use it as a replacement for thyme in many dishes, utilizing it in ~ a proportion of 1:1, definition one teaspoon of marjoram for the very same of thyme.

It works particularly well in meat and vegetable dishes, and also in soups from every cuisines.


The smell of parsley is very fresh and versatile. It works well in cream based dishes, and on salads and also with meat and fish.

Whilst it may not work-related well ~ above its own as a substitute for thyme, it definitely works well as soon as paired with one more ingredient.

Use it through marjoram together a means of balancing the end marjoram’s sweet taste. You deserve to also add it in with any kind of of the herbs us have listed already to offer a pleasant, new taste.


This member of the mint household is very similar in taste come thyme. You may additionally know it by the names Summer savory and winter savory.

Summer savory has peppery notes, an interpretation it complements meat and fish yes, really nicely. Winter savory is a little more toned down and also earthy, meaning it goes fine in any kind of recipe.

It is especially good for Mediterranean dishes. You have the right to use savory at a ratio of 1:1, substituting one tespoon of thyme because that the exact same of savory.

Poultry Seasoning

Poultry seasoning the you can obtain from countless different retailers frequently features thyme as among its key ingredients.

For this reason, you have the right to replace thyme in her recipe v some poultry seasoning if you space in a pinch and need a instead of as soon as possible.

Poultry seasoning is regularly quite extreme in flavor, specifically if it has salt included into the too, for this reason ensure you add only small amounts at a time.


This middle Eastern freckles mixture often functions thyme as one of its main components. That is flavorful, regularly containing sumac, sesame seeds, and also salt as well as herbs including thyme and also oregano.

Due come the inclusion of sumac and sesame, you should use za’atar sparingly as it will not it is in as delicate in taste together thyme.

That being said, we think za’atar provides a delicious addition to many meals, especially those of middle Eastern cuisine.

Frequently request Questions

Can I use Parsley instead of Thyme?

If you do not have any thyme in the kitchen then you may concern when you require to include some into a recipe, what must you do? Well, that is not the finish of the world. You deserve to use numerous things as a substitute because that thyme, but do remember you will never ever get precise match since every herb has its own distinct flavors and scents.

However, you can sometimes usage parsley together a instead of of thyme. If you execute this though, you have to pair it v marjoram. Marjoram is also a member of the herb and mint family. The is delicate and also sweet and also is a very essential herb as soon as it involves Mediterranean cuisine. You have to use a tespoon of marjoram and also a half teaspoon the parsley together a replacement because that one teaspoon of thyme. With each other these 2 herbs will make a quite replacement for thyme.

Is Thyme and Oregano the same?

Thyme and Oregano are far from gift the same. When they space both herbs used in cooking they space not the same. They can both it is in put right into the exact same dish on occasion however their flavors and scents are really distinct and also different. Thyme is more facility as a combination of sweet and also peppery with clues of mint and also lemony tangs. Oregano is a bolder herb v a pungent and earthy flavor.

You might not substitute oregano because that thyme together these flavors are very different in the flavors they yield. You can put them both into the exact same dish come get different flavors, however they should never be offered to change each various other as this simply would no work, and you may uncover yourself disappointed by the results if you tried to.

What is the identical of 2 sprigs that Thyme?

When stripped from the stem 2 sprigs the thyme will yield around a tablespoon of leaves, yet this does count on the actual dimension of the stem and the sprigs. If you use a usual ratio of ⅓ of dried thyme to substitute a singular unit of fresh herbs climate you will certainly need around a tespoon of dried thyme to same the amount the you want.

Do psychic that any kind of herb does no really add anything to the chemistry of the recipe as whole it just contributes distinct flavors, so you have the right to always adjust the amount as you cook. This is why it is better to start off tiny and do taste tests as you chef until you with the desired flavors. This is the best way to referee if you space substituting new herbs because that dried herbs. Check as friend cook, add more if you need to. This will often an outcome in a an ext unique dish 보다 if you thoughtlessly follow the recipe.

Can I usage Dill instead of Thyme?

You can replace thyme with dill if you want to. If you were to carry out this girlfriend would want to use 3 quarters the a teaspoon of dill because that every teaspoon of thyme girlfriend would add to this dish. This replacement would certainly work finest for key that encompass pork, potato dishes, soups, or also a shrimp salad with a creamy sauce (yum!)

Do remember, however, that the odor of dill is for sure nothing favor thyme in ~ all. The being claimed it has its own distinctive flavor that is quite individual and interesting, it will certainly add fascinating flavors to the dish. Taste it and also see if you favor the odor of dill in her dishes, you can turn away thyme forever in some dishes as soon as you taste the magic the dill can bring to come dishes.

Final Word

We hope the you have the right to see simply how numerous wonderful thyme substitutes over there are.

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Whether you don’t like the taste the thyme, you space bored that it, or you simply don’t have any in your keep cupboard, there is a substitute to suit every need.

Remember, all you must do is identify what specifically thyme will certainly be bringing to her recipes - earthiness, citrus notes, or minty undertones - and also choosing a substitute will certainly be easy!